Create National dao community

Im from poland, going to shill dao in poland. Are u with me guys?
Its so important in our days to interest New members for this awesome project. As lager is community as stronger will be project and early investors/supporters.


Im Talking about marketing, not just to separate. Only good marketing or huge technology can give us a sucksess. Im going to talk to influencers about promiting us, and i think its a good idea.


wow this is a very good idea. I also need a national community in the dao to communicate with each other. and create a national community.


That’s an interesting idea! I support and am interested in shilling the DAO for Ukrainian citizens.We need to develop the project in small national communities as well.


This will only divide us and create unwanted differences between the community, we are decentralized and every member should be valued irrespective of Gender, Race, Community, Religion

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