Proposal Template (use this to submit proposals)


SoftDAO Proposals Template

Proposals should cover the following information concisely.


Describe the specific task or service you are offering to the DAO, as well as how it needs to be performed in enough detail to help the Core Team and DAO avoid unnecessary follow-up/clean-up of Proposals with submittoooors.


Explain how the Proposal/Offer aligns with SOFT DAO’s values to keep the DAO focused on its mission.

HOW: Compensation/Renumeration

Proposals submitted without an attached ask/value will be rejected! Be sure to include:

  • SoftDAO Tokens? BTC? ETH?
  • How many/how much of them
  • what the proceeds will cover
  • The intended use of the funds

You can also use the following bullet points as a guide for more elaborate Proposals or to solidify/quantify your Proposal/“Ask”:

  • Why should people vote for your/this proposal? Does it serve a greater purpose?
  • How is this Proposal unique or different from the others?
  • Does this Proposal serve as a reply to a “Request for Proposals”? (plz include link if so)
  • Is this Proposal necessar? Or is it a “nice to have”?
  • Could this Proposal be joined with a previously submitted Proposal? (Proposals can be submitted jointly, please make sure you are seeking an accurate and updated Ask (tokens, etc) to reflect revised scope.

ALSO BE SURE TO POST YOUR PROPOSAL AS ITS OWN TOPIC (not as a reply to a different post)