SOFT Airdrop troubles with non-ETH project

Hi all, I encountered a problem that I am not able to get an airdrop for participating in tokensoft sales, although I specified exactly the same name and email as I had specified earlier in the BitCountry sale, as it was told in the instructions


Good day. Everyone in your situation does not display the notification. Be cool about it. Drop should be.


Bro, you’d better open a ticket on the project’s discord. Here it’s more a discussion of the prospects of the community, not personal problems.


I asked this particular question on the forum, because I saw a large number of people who have faced this besides me,and people going to the forum saw a solution to the problem, if this question was not popular I would have left a ticket in support or used discord, if I caused someone in the community any discomfort, I apologize.
Have a good day!