Tokenomics allocation

i have some questions in my mind about tokenomics. what is the basis used to calculate it. we see the various proportions of the allocations given.but it is that need that forms the basis of the token’s resilience. What I know is that if the allocation is more to the community, it’s good because it means that it is fully supported. but what if that portion is reduced by various other allocations even if it is only a small amount. give me a good explanation and an example of what it looks like…


Please keep in mind that these are just examples and there are often exceptions that can be made. For example. early investors might get 30% but they are locked in for five years of vesting which balances out their large share. Each token needs to be assessed based on its own
tokenomics and the above is just a general guide.


Спасибо за информацию! Было очень полезно! Буду следить за обновлениями! Очень рад быть частью такого крутого проекта!

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