Identity Solution for DAO

Let’s implement into Soft DAO the use of soulbound tokens.
This blockchain identity technology will help community to combat with Sybil attacks successfully. Every community voting will be verified by personal SBT.
The technology is quite new, as Vitalik Buterin presented it only in May 2022.
However, this might have a great positive impact on safety, reliability and transparency.


Interesting. Continue in the same spirit!


Oh yes I have come across this in one project, which I found very interesting.
SBTs provide the network credentials inherent in the web3 digital infrastructure, it is noted that "the true power of this mechanism is revealed when SBTs belonging to one Soul can be issued - or witnessed - by other Souls who are partners in this relationship. SBTs add “social validation” to credentials, enhancing their credibility and value in the eyes of decision-makers. One could argue that this social validation is similar to skills validation on LinkedIn, but instead of a centralized validation of a generic skills label, the credentials coded by SBTs come from the experiences of organizations and people of higher social status. They are also inherently more quantitative and visual than qualitative “recommendations,” allowing for scalable qualifications for talent acquisition or adaptation.


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