Implementation of Soulbond NFT

Hello, community. I see a lot of user issues with the verification issue, having to re-confirm emails, and documents. Well, we’re all striving for Web3 and massadopshine.

In this regard, the suggestion is this:

  1. I propose to release Soulbond NFTs, which are starting to be massively implemented in many projects.

  2. this NFT should be tied to the user’s wallet in the tokensoft account and reflect the legitimacy of his account.

  3. NFTs can be minted and issued to early users who are already proven users of the platform.

  4. New users must go through a one-time verification process, after which they can have their NFTs branded.

  5. NFTs must not be sold or transferred.

  6. Additional value can be integrated into the NFT, such as a wallet credit rating, the ability to receive discounts in affiliate projects, the ability to prioritize participation in tokensales, and more.

  7. NFT can be ranked depending on the user to whom it is issued, and his contribution (participation) in the project. As an option the very first FTT is issued only for verification.

  8. One purse in one period of time can have only one NFT. At reception of NFT of other level, the old NFT should be burnt out.

  9. NFT’s visualization should reflect its belonging to Tokensoft and contain the project’s colors and logo

  10. The release of NFTs can be implemented in the Polygon network, so that users do not have to spend on a commission for branding.

  11. this would in the long run save users from problems such as confusion with accounts and wallets, simplify the work of the team, getting rid of the mass of requests to support and possibly add some utility that the community will offer.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your comments.


A normal theme is given, especially now there are many tools for the implementation of printing pictures for any color and taste.

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I agree that many users may have issues with registration, I was one of them, so this idea in my opinion may be useful.