Development of NFT distribution scheme


The purpose of this proposal is to find out the level of interest of the community and the team in deep development of the distribution scheme of the future NFT Soft DAO.


  • Each significant event, starting from the date of the Soft DAO foundation, can be provided by the NFT.
  • If the member participated in the event, they may be eligible for NFT claims.
  • By collecting a collection of NFTs, a member can claim benefits that will be determined in the future. The quantity need not be equal to 1 NFT of a particular type.
    For example, distribute 1 NFT to all participants of the Crew3, but at the same time, to form a full-fledged collection, you need to have 3 such NFTs in your wallet.
  • You can also consider burning the entire collection and receiving in return one NFT with a full list of privileges (the list of privileges is additionally determined).
  • This decision will create an active NFT market, as a result of which it is possible to replenish the treasury of the Soft DAO through deductions from sales.
  • This will attract additional participation of active users from the NFT sphere, which in turn will spread information about the Soft DAO.


If the submitted proposal is supported by the community and the team, I am ready to work further on the development of a specific NFT distribution scheme and specific requirements to form a complete collection, which will further provide the opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

In addition, you can form a focus group of several active Soft DAO participants and team members to develop an NFT distribution scheme.


Feedback and suggestions are welcome. If Soft DAO participants show an active interest in this proposal within 2 weeks, I propose to start developing a NFT distribution scheme.

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Bitcoin did not touch $100k in the last bull run because of NFTs


Too much liquidity sucked in by worthless JPEGs

NFTs are a double edged sword

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The use of NFTs to represent significant events in the history of the Soft DAO is an interesting idea that can add value to the community. The concept of rewarding members who participated in the event with an NFT could also create a sense of exclusivity and belonging.

The idea of collecting multiple NFTs to claim benefits is also an innovative approach that could incentivize members to participate in multiple events and engage with the community. This could help to create a more active and engaged community, which is essential for the success of any decentralized organization.

The proposal to burn the entire collection of NFTs and receive a single NFT with a full list of privileges is an interesting idea, as it can create a sense of rarity and exclusivity among members who have a full collection of NFTs. This could incentivize members to collect more NFTs and actively participate in the community.

The idea of using NFT sales to replenish the Soft DAO treasury is also a practical approach that can help to ensure the sustainability of the organization. This can also attract additional participation from active users in the NFT sphere, which can help to spread information about the Soft DAO and attract new members.

Overall, the use of NFTs in this manner can add value to the Soft DAO community and create a more engaging and active environment. It is worth exploring this idea further to see how it can be implemented in a practical and effective manner.


nice try
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I love it. Hope you will have beautiful, valuable images, not NFTs to be used as pets