NFT or one of the ways to replenish the SoftDAO treasury

Good time everyone!
Judging by the trend, sooner or later the NFT will appear in the project.

A. Buy/Sell NFTs
Purpose: fundraising for the DAO.
Activity: NFT mint.

  1. Create an NFT collection for each network under test.
  2. Provide mint capability on Galxe.
  3. Assign rewards for each group of collectors - for owners of all NFTs - … - for owners of 2 NFTs - for owners of 1 NFT
  4. Determine the number of possible NFT holders for each network. example: there were 8k testers in CELO, about 80% of them will make a mint (statistics should be clarified using the example of early NFT networks)
  5. The collected finances for NFT mint should cover the costs of creating the collection, organization, maintenance, remuneration (30% of the total amount) and 70% should go to the DAO treasury.
  6. Rewards distribution needs to be improved - it is important that everyone can be guaranteed at least something, for example, starting from owning 2x NFTs.
  7. It will also allow you to create an NFT market, where you can set a certain percentage of copyrights, which will also allow you to replenish the treasury of the DAO. .

In theory:

  1. The average number of participants for each network is 8k
  2. Presumably in a minute they will accept 60% - 4.8k
  3. For convenience, we accept 10 rounds - collection from 10 NFTs.
  4. The cost of 1 NFT is 1 USDС 5. Total 48,000.00 USD, of which 14,400.00 for collateral and rewards, 33,600.00 to the DAO treasury.
    PS: this is a sketch and needs to be worked out in detail.

B. Lease of NFTs.
Here I want to describe in more detail another way to replenish the treasury of the DAO.

  1. There must be a limited number for each NFT.
  2. There must be a real and very profitable utility for every NFT.
  3. There should be the largest possible deficit.

All these and other conditions should be directed only to the maximum possible and favorable conditions for NFT holders.
Owning an NFT would be really profitable in a financial sense.
With this approach and a full deficit, it is possible to create an active NFT market not only for sale, but also for rent. And most importantly, from each transaction on interaction with the NFT, it is necessary to provide for deductions to the treasury of the DAO.

For example: the owner of the NFT is not in the active phase of interaction with the project. He can rent out his NFT for a certain period and earn on it. In turn, 10-30% of the cost of renting NFT is deducted to the treasury of the DAO at the expense of the one who rents it. This will allow to steadily replenish the treasury of the DAO and create an NFT rental market. The most important thing is that the NFT utility is really meaningful in terms of money, and there is also a shortage of NFT.

C. Sub Rent NFT
There are cases when a user is ready to lease his NFT, for example for 1 year. In this case, provide for the possibility of releasing the leased NFT. This further activates the NFT market and, as a result, replenishes the treasury of the DAO.

> In all of the above, the most important issue remains a really financially profitable utility for the NFT. this issue remains open and requires active participation in the discussion. The benefit should be such that everyone wants to have NFT at least for a while, as much as possible!

google doc: NFT or one of the ways to replenish the SoftDAO treasury

Yours faithfully.
Best wishes!
Oleksii. jAleksey#8784Discord
P.S. Translated from Ukrainian, inaccuracies are possible, sorry.

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it will be any GameFi projects with NFT? DAO can create some new ideas. something fresh, not like popular Move2earn project. May be it will be gamification of DAO vote process, when NFT is a character who has voting rights, and rarity give modification to owners result. Or just a new game direction.


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I don’t think that’s necessary, 33k to treasury - it is not serious… It’s good to check how the DAO will word without nfts and then decide, do we need ntfs or not.


Yes, I completely agree - 33k is not a serious amount, but even it can solve some of the tasks and activities of the DAO.
The submitted proposal does not contain exact figures. Calculations are given for an example and understanding, without true initial data.


The proposal is very detailed, and you clearly spent a lot of time on it. It is valuable to the community. And yes, I support your suggestion except for a small addition: I believe that the purpose of releasing such a collection is not only to raise funds, but also to popularize the project, encourage early adopters, and attract new members.


Thanks for your detailed proposal mate but I don’t think we need an nft for fundraising since we already have a token. Giving utilities an NFT rather than the token will weaken $SOFT.


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