Organizing a System of Motivation for Soft DAO Contributors

Proposal for organizing a System of Motivation for Soft DAO Contributors


We propose a long-term motivation system for SoftDAO contributors. The goal being that it is efficient with minimal cost impact.

We consider it expedient to design a solution that is applicable for any future events from SoftDAO, and not just for solving immediate issues (such as Crew3).

Note: This is just a draft


At the moment, we have a shortage of incentives for active community members. There is no clear motivation system.

Example: SoftDAO expects to benefit the community from Crew3 members, but does not offer any significant incentives. Due to the lack of incentives, people lose motivation.

We could go the way of most projects - give out only dubious discord roles, or give out useless NFTs. Until recently, this gave results. But now - there are 2 main problems:

  1. Crypto community is used to the fact that most projects leave Crew3 participants without awards.
  2. Crypto community is also used to the fact that the vast majority of NFTs from Galxe (and analogues) are also useless. So, we believe that the time of useless NFTs, as motivation, is coming to an end. There must be meaning in these NFTs, otherwise it will only generate discontent from the community. No one likes disappointment, no one needs useless garbage in their wallet.

SoftDAO has a long-term mission - therefore, it makes sense to act ahead of these trends.


NFT’s continue to be a strong incentivization mechanism, we should take advantage of this while providing the NFT with substance.

We propose creating:

1. Some NFTs (~5, with an unlimited number of copies). This NFTs will certainly have their value. Incl. may be part of the formula for a future $SOFT-drop for active community contributors.

  • NFTs will be of varying degrees of value. Tier 1-5. The most valuable of them will be given out, only to the best, in rare cases! The rest of them will be used to encourage useful community activity. Incl. Crew3.

  • The SoftDAO will set % FEES for trading these NFTs on marketplaces. This will be an additional income for the DAO treasury.

  • For the most common NFTs, we can come up with a reward without any financial costs. We will be able to create 1-2 closed discord channels. Corresponding to the NFT levels. The higher the channel, the more interesting and deeper the discussions take place there (with members of Core Teams for ex.).

  • Many DAOs have multiple levels. And NFT as an access key to DAO is a very popular trend. This will attract new people to the community.

  • I am sure it will not be easy to implement, but if we can make it so that the ownership of Tiers 1-2 NFT give additional weight to the voice in the governance of the DAO… maybe a multiplier of 1.2x for ex… There will be few such NFTs, and their value in the market shuld be high. By doing this, we would add a utility function and eliminate the cost of rewarding their owners.

  • Priority queues in the purchase of tokens at an early stage. For tier 1-2(3), there is also an increased max amount of funds for purchase.

  • In this way, we will provide value to almost every category of NFTs. Also, we can discuss the prospects for an additional $SOFT drop for NFT holders later, when the situation becomes clearer.

2. Or Generative NFT project (~10k) that also includes many multiple levels at which we can gate discord channels. It will be more difficult, But this option includes all the advantages of the previous one and also has its own.

  • It can also allow the DAO to recoup a much larger amount of capital due to the influx of speculators which we can use to create more strength in the dao. All of this capital can be deployed to hiring devs on contract and building out the many products and tools. Or for $SOFT Drop :slight_smile:

  • Adding speculators is generally good for product and brand engagement.

  • The initial mint price can be set for a part of the collection. This will also have a good effect on the DAO treasury.


  1. By acting in this way, we will be able to reward the maximum of active community members!
  2. And at the same time we will ensure the long-term involvement of our community in the life of the Soft DAO.
  3. This strategy provides greater flexibility in the issue of final costs. And will provides a lot of time for Soft DAO to get stronger. Then it will be much easier for us to decide how much expenses we can afford to distribute awards.
  4. We will also be able to use these NFTs to encourage the community in any other events. Such as SoftPoker Tournaments, which are already loved by part of our community.
  5. A well-thought-out motivation system = an influx of new like-minded people to the community!

The SoftDAO is unstoppable! Web3 will win.

Main question to the community:


Fam! Let’s try to generate as many options as possible!

The more value we can create, the more promising it will be!


Reserved for important information

  1. Priority queue in sales
  2. Special round for NFTs holders
  3. Discount for projects tokens when purchasing in sale
    These are the main options for NFT uses in my opinion

@Kir_Os great job.
I like that more and more constructive suggestions appear on the forum.

This motivates me even more to delve deeper into this issue.
I also noticed that some points intersect with those that I indicated in this thread:

As in my topic, the most important question remains - the usefulness of NFTs.
I will come back later and write some of my thoughts…


Everything is very detailed, it was interesting to read,
my suggestion is to attach a certain number of SOFT tokens to the pictures, taking into account the rarity of the NFT and reward active NFT participants based on their achievements in the project.


@Shaxboz :point_up_2: And also - all NFTs will be tradable on marketplaces. So, it’s already a reward :slightly_smiling_face: In addition, depending on the revenue for the SoftDAO treasury from these NFTs, it will be possible to talk about the amount of $SOFT drops :blush:


I propose to make 50 legendary, 200 epic, 1000 rare, 2000 uncommon , 6750 common nft, each nft will be endowed with a certain number of soft tokens by rarity (how many can be decided later based on tokenomics). And perhaps to increase the demand for these nft, you you can give them certain privileges when selling on the tokensoft platform.


Soft DAO NFT can be of different levels: from 1 to 5 (copper/bronze/silver/gold/platinum). What level of nft and for what activity/volume of contribution - it is up to the team to decide.

  • pre-mints. When TokenSoft enters into a partnership with a company - in the form of loyalty and additional marketing - the partner provides TokenSoft with a certain number of pre-mint coin/nft seats. And if amount of pre-mint share is bigger than NFT Soft DAO Holders number, then those share will be divided between Soft DAO Holders (Level 4-5 NFT)
  • Guaranteed allocations for certain kinds of NFT holders. If NFT will be different levels, then guaranteed allocations to holders of exclusive NFT Soft DAO (level 4-5 NFT)
  • whitelists to projects. (level 2-3 of NFT)
  • discounts in sales depending on NFT level/rareness (NFT level 1-3)
  • multiplier for stacking / increased % for farming / stealing coins Soft (3rd-5th level NTF)
  • Opportunity to claim all your SOFT tokens earlier and not wait 2 years(4-5 level NTF)
  • coin drops depending on the level of NFT - to all holders of NFT Soft DAO.
  • drawing of branded project merch once a month between NFT holders of all levels.

With the realization of NFT Soft DAO you can launch a company on Gitcoin and collect a grant for the realization of this idea or attract funds with a certain price of Soft tokens for a Seed-round (for example).


You can issue NFTs to everyone who holds SOFT tokens. If a person does not brand tokens for 3 months, he receives a certain NFT for this, so you can make an NFT for 6 months, 1 year, etc. including the most important when there will be a full unlock of the token in 2 years. Each such NFT will affect the number of additional tokens that can be obtained in 2 years.


You shouldn’t be overly fiddly with the opening of individual channels, either. And a lot of NFT should not be, it must have value, and not cost 5 dollars. Give a large allocation and maybe at more favorable prices active members of the community, it has a place to be.


The value of NFT can be given by creating stacking for NFT. With a good apy %
Also listing on old and including new NFT sites


Tell me, how do you think the tokens of the project should participate in the life of the project, or is the NFT still needed to somehow have power?
I also have a question whether there will be staking pools by rank for guaranteed participation in various IDOs
And will there be staking of tokens - which are vested?


I like your suggestion! there are so many useless NFTs on the market, it is necessary to make them more valuable


give active users a non-transferable token that will give benefits when participating in sales and so on.
nft is not needed at all, they only bring speculation in the market


Better late than never!

I think replenishing the treasury and encouraging (motivating) participants are different things, although they may overlap.
But they must be distinguished and answered separately.

So I think that already now we need to encourage those active participants who contribute to the project.
After all, the distribution of “airdrop” awards, which has been the case, with this endowment is only a tool for retaining
community in the project, but not encouragement in any way.
At the moment, there are activities for which we would like to encourage the community:

  • For participation in testing rounds:
    Rounds 1-2;
    Rounds 3-5;
    Rounds 5-7.
  • For participation in CREW3 sprints:
    Top 5 participants;
    Top 10 participants.
  • For participation in CREW3:
    Top 10 participants;
    Top 100 participants;
    300 best participants.
  • For active participation in discord (point level):
    top 10 participants;
    100 best participants.
  • For active participation in the forum.
    Here you need to think about by what criteria to evaluate activity. For example: for activity and suggestions that were
    made and approved at the voting. For the number of suggestions, responses, likes, etc.
    So, I’ve highlighted 5 activities for which you can now reward the community, for example by allocating NFTs between them.
    Each activity is one NFT. The more of these NFTs, the more opportunities for the member!

Next, it’s a system to motivate newcomers to the server (and if you encourage the aforementioned
activities, there will be many new members).
I don’t have a clear concept, but it can be done if the team approves. And in general for long term
motivation is suitable reward/punishment system. For example, points are awarded for active contribution to the project during the week.
If there is no activity - points are removed or the rating drops. This has already been used in
One project - generally successful.

Now about how to replenish the coffers:

  • Community Venture Round (an opportunity to buy a Soft token at an early stage, something in between
    seed and private round, with a long lock-in and vesting of course);
  • giving meaning to the items you buy in the store - it’s not just an item with the SoftDaO logo, it’s an opportunity to, for example
    increase your ranking or win a rare NFT. Buying more than one accessory increases the chance!
  • Raising funds from other projects;
  • Selling rare NFTs on the market;
  • developer grants on GitHub;
  • commissions from the NMT Mint.

If we answer the question:

    Create value from this NFT - it gives access:
  • access to distribution of funds in future sales;
  • access to the DAO community, voting;
  • access to direct communication with the team;
  • Also already wrote about the idea of coin/nft pre-mine with partner company Tokensoft, seconded.

P.S. Give meaning/value to participation in the project and the community will thank the project a hundredfold with their efforts and contributions!
I’m waiting for constructive feedback from all participants!


Well written. In thoughts and drafts, a similar division into types of NFT. I’m glad the thoughts converge. :handshake:
In the near future I will continue this topic more strongly.


@PiterFM Thank you for this contribution! That’s cool! :heart_on_fire:

But let’s not get too far off topic. Otherwise, there will be a lot of confusion.

Let’s do everything in stages! A separate space will be created later to discuss the principles of NFT distribution. Be sure to save your ideas, it will come in handy there! :100:

To discuss these issues, it is better to create independent topics :handshake:


give active users a non-transferable token that will give benefits when participating in sales and so on.


Very detailed description and sensible thoughts! I would like to add a couple of words! If a decision is made to create NFT, I propose a multi-chain basis (Axelar robots can serve as an example) and the ability to add Utilities and the possibility of NFT evolution using the example of Zerion DNA.
Evolution options may depend on the owner’s activity in tokensales on different networks, and since the NFT will be multichain, you can add bonuses from launched projects to them. For example, if Dex is launched in the Сelo network, then when NFT is transferred to this network, the utility of reduced commissions in this Dex is activated… and so on…
in case of successful implementation of such multi-chain functions, the value of such evolving NFTs will only grow over time)


[quote=“PiterFM, post:15, topic:9785”]

  • Для участия в CREW3:
  • Для участия в CREW3:
    Топ-10 участников;
    100 лучших участников;
    300 лучших участников.
  • За активное участие в дискорде (уровень баллов):
    топ-10 участников;
    100 лучших участников.
  • За активное участие в дискорде (уровень баллов):
    топ-10 участников;
    100 лучших участников. Распределения Топ, на мой взгляд не достаточно справедливо. Можно сделать Том 10, 30, 60,100,