Rewards for Leading Crew3 Participants

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*17 FEB, 2023 UPDATE: a snapshot of all-time records for the purpose of retroactive rewards was taken today, 17 Feb, 2023 at approx. 21:30 UTC. Additionally, after further community discussion, it’s become clear that SOFT token rewards should be an integral part of these Crew3 prizes. Therefore, we propose the following schedule for $SOFT token prizes related to Crew3 participation for both the past few months and the next 6 months/sprints (starting with the sprint that is running from 12 Feb, 2023 to 01 Mar, 2023).

Additionally, the earlier update regarding on-chain authorization tokens was implemented into the body of this proposal – but with flexibility in regards to its implementation.


Crew3 is a community platform that allows anyone to support and engage with Soft DAO by completing quests. Users are currently rewarded with XP; which unlocks new levels in Discord. But, other reward mechanisms are possible.

We propose the following:

  1. Soft DAO rewards top Crew3 participants with prizes for the next six months. These prizes may include — but are not limited to — Soft DAO merchandise, SOFT tokens (for verified users only, see details below) and gift cards/vouchers.

  2. Soft DAO’s community leaders and compliance provider will work to fulfill prizes. Initially, the prizes may include commissioned NFTs and merchandise.

  3. Transfer 3,500 USDC from the Soft DAO Treasury to a multi-sig controlled by Community Leaders to fund prizes. This Ethereum wallet address may be designated at a later time. This will cover prizes for 6 months, as well as the retroactive prizes discussed below.

  4. Award prizes to the top 2000 ranking users on Soft DAO’s Crew3 Leaderboard. Unfortunately, Crew3 sprints’ results prior to this proposal are not retrievable. In light of this, we propose giving a Soft DAO merchandize prize to the top 2000 ranking users on the leaderboard as of 17 February, 2023 at approx. 21:30:00 UTC.

  5. Begin Crew3 Sprints with prizes provided by Soft DAO upon approval of this proposal. Crew3 allows for “sprints” that run for a predetermined time period and track leading participants. For the next 6 months, the top 500 participants of each sprint will receive SOFT token rewards.

  6. $SOFT token prize schedule. $SOFT tokens granted as prizes related to Crew3 participation for both the past few months and the next 6 months/sprints (starting with the sprint that is running from 12 Feb, 2023 to 01 Mar, 2023) will occur in regards to the following schedule.

  7. In addition to the other prizes listed, Soft DAO will issue authorization tokens to the top 100 Crew3 users each month, as well as the top 100 users in a snapshot taken 17 Feb, 2023 at 00:00:00 UTC. These authorization tokens can act as a digital badge standard that, in this case, can identify Crew3 “power-users” within the Soft DAO community. The DAO may then propose on offering additional rewards to these users. For example, if proposed and approved, a hypothetical Soft DAO NFT release could include these authorization token holders in its whitelist.

IMPORTANT: in order to claim for Crew3 prizes, users must complete verification of their Crew3 at Tokens unclaimed after 1 year may be clawed back to the Soft DAO Treasury.


Feedback and suggestions are welcome. If Soft DAO votes to move forward, an amended and/or finalized version of this proposal will be put forth for for voting within the next week.


Crew3 continues to be an effective tool for DAO communities, including Soft DAO. To date, Soft DAO members have submitted over 14,000 quest completions via Crew3. If this proposal is adopted, Soft DAO will be able to reward its most active participants over the last few months and offer incentives for continued Crew3 engagement and support of Soft DAO.

Visit The Soft DAO on Crew3:


Great offer! This will breathe new life into the community and provide an opportunity to prove themselves to those who did not receive a drop.


Excellent! I support this initiative, as they say, and there is nothing to add! Well, it’s time to pump yourself with quests))


Thank you to everyone who participated in crew3 Soft Dao. We love and appreciate you.

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The reward is good, but doesn’t it seem odd to distribute it among 10 participants. Other users have tried, too. You could have made it 10-50-100 participants


Good proposal, thx. But there are other users who were less active, but did their job too, bettee to share rewards with them too.


Excellent, i support this proposal and let there be some rewards for the other participant as well be it a 1 usd.


the idea is not bad, I myself am in third place on the crew, but in my opinion there were proposals on the forum that were not inferior to yours, other participants also deserve a reward for their efforts


to reward 0.015% of their private members in Crewe 3-well, so-so idea, at least 100 people would be chosen for decency) I rarely met such greedy projects😄Clownery, it would be better if they didn’t disgrace themselves, in this case it would be better if they didn’t give anything at al


top 10 is very small. The top 30 did a good job too. more participants should be awarded, and the awards should be distributed among the top 20, top 21-40, top 41…


In my opinion, dropping points is inappropriate and it would mean a bullshit contribution from people who have already done a lot for the DAO. I think that requires ranking according to position on the leaderboard, for example, top -1, 2-4, 5-20, 21-70! Also, all the Narban points were earned on completely gratuitous thoughts, not in the pursuit of awards, so that should be rewarded!!!


For me, The Higher one deserves more rewards. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I do this with the belief that tokensoft will be a great project.
The rewards mentioned above may not look very impressive

But nothing is certain, 6 months from now is the answer
Lets make tokensoft as great as we hoped :muscle: :muscle:


there is no incentive to do Crew3 because impossible to get into the top ten .What is the point of completing quests for the rest of the thousands of participants?


We definitely need to expand the prize pool to more participants. There are thousands of participants and may feel excluded, not being rewarded for the effort. It may be possible to reward them with SOFT drops by rank.


Hello. It’s a great idea to encourage those who have been in crew3 for a long time, but there is also a large part of the users who have joined recently and will never catch up with the leaders. You can make rewards for old and new users of the service.
I also have a little idea how to use crew3 for the project. You can confirm the execution of new testnets in crew3 tasks. For example, send a transaction from the blockchain as confirmation, perhaps this will make it easier to count the people who perform the tests and will be an additional check.


do at least nft for the top 200. to somehow emphasize the efforts of many participants. you can add utilities to nft. otherwise it was monkey work, competition with content makers is such a pleasure.


In my opinion, the offer of awards is good, but don’t you think my dear community that the distribution among 10 participants is not quite fair. 10 participants is a very small percentage of all participants. how do other people who support the community spend time, energy and resources?


I agree with those who say that the top 10 is very small. The number should be expanded. Yes, and to announce the conditions on February 1 is too late.


hi there, while rewarding people is a very good idea, the number itself seem to be a bit low if we consider 10 people doesn’t mean much.


I agree, it is necessary to stimulate the participants of the community, so they have an interest to move forward, promoting the community as a whole.