SoftDrop Follow-up Allocations

17 March, 2023 UPDATE
After a final review, 855 wallets were eligible but not included in December’s SoftDrop event. Additionally, another 896 wallets should have received higher allocations in December’s SoftDrop. This proposal has been updated to reflect these findings & propose a solution for all 1,751 wallets.

Additional review of participating wallets in SoftDrop qualifying events uncovered 855 additional accounts that may be deemed eligible for the SoftDrop and another 896 accounts that should have received higher allocations. This proposal seeks to find a fair solution for these community members and provide them with proper SOFT allocations.

We propose granting SOFT tokens to community members who were not included in December’s SoftDrop but were later discovered to be eligible upon further review. We also propose granting SOFT tokens to community members who were included but received SOFT allocations that didn’t take into account the full extent of their participation in qualifying activities.

This follow-up airdrop (henceforth, “SoftDrop Follow-up”) shall be executed in accordance with the following details:

  1. Each newly determined eligible user will receive the same amount of SOFT tokens as those with the same amount of qualifying activities in the original SoftDrop. Each eligible user that should have received more tokens in December will also receive additional SOFT tokens to similarly correct their allocations.
  2. The SOFT tokens for these SoftDrop Follow-up allocations will come directly from the Soft DAO Treasury. The total is 856,888.63 SOFT tokens.
  3. The SOFT tokens to fulfill this proposal should be sent to the deployed distributor contract designated at a later time. This will allow eligible wallets to claim their SOFT tokens.
  4. The vesting schedule will be the same as all other SOFT recipients (i.e., two years continuous vesting starting at 00:00 UTC on 25 Dec, 2022).
  5. SoftDrop Follow-up recipients will also receive a 2x multiplier on their voting power so long as their tokens remain in the claims contract.

This proposal will remain open for 4 days before voting. After this time, the DAO will have 48 hours to vote on the proposal, which may begin as early as Monday, February 20, 2023 at 1800 UTC.

Do It Right is one of Soft DAO’s core values — this means fairness and transparency. To hold true to these values, community members who expressed concern regarding their lack of eligibility were reevaluated and may now be included in the SoftDrop Follow-up based on the original SoftDrop criteria. This proposal seeks to distribute fair and transparent SOFT allocations to those community members.

Related Proposals
Soft DAO has already passed and approved the following proposals related to the SoftDrop. This SoftDrop Follow-up Allocation is merely an extension of the SoftDrop to community members who were found to be eligible after further review.

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Hello, Sclue ( Sarah ) I’m delighted you’re here on the forum..
TThank you so much for this proposal and for the team’s hard effort. I also want to thank the community for their patience and waiting for this proposal.

I agree with it and will cast a vote for acceptance at Tally :muscle:


Great job, Team! :handshake: All of us were sure from the beginning that everything would be done in good conscience! Yes, we had to wait a bit, but it was worth it :100:

:heart_on_fire: Do It Right 4ever! :heart_on_fire:


Great news! I hope everything will be settled and the drop will really be received by those who deserve it! And this list of addresses after verification will also be recognized as LEGITIMATE!


This is a real confirmation of the declared principles!

" Rebel Reasonably. Trust Code. Build. Do it Right. "

Soft DAO - rock web3 :metal:


I fully support the proposal.
It’s good that the team takes the time to identify such inaccuracies and helps the community manually correct the situation and help. The community will appreciate your step to the meeting, my vote is FOR, definitely.


I am pleasantly surprised that there are still projects where they really look and understand the problem, the main thing is that real people would not be excluded a second time)))


Finally, we’ve been waiting, I vote with both hands for


Good proposal. Fully agree. Nice job!!:+1:t2:


I really look forward to the vote on this proposal. Thanks to the team


This is good! But here’s another question, those who have already got airdrop, perform tasks on the crew, get extra points and tokens, and what about us?? Again nothing to get??


Thank you very much for this proposal.
I was informed last Christmas by the tokensoft website, " Merry Christmas! You’re eligible for Soft DAO’s SoftDrop. Learn more and start claiming your tokens here". However, when I click the claim button, it just said, “This wallet is not eligible for the SoftDrop.” Very frustrated then. There must be something wrong. But this proposal could just solve the problem.


I am an early member of tokensoft community including in old discord. I participated in the incentivised test net up to Avax, poligon, etc. I filled forms online with regards to this.I equally participated in many tokensoft tokensale. At some point, I noticed alot of scam messages coming from discord server of tokensoft to me so I left the server and I didnt know when the soft token soft token was distributed. I was surprised today to log in to my account to hear distribution has concluded. Eventhough the platform said I qualified for a drop yet not a single token was availlable in my wallet nor for me to claim. If this is fair so be it. I wont push. I wish those selected goodluck.


I definitely support it.
the team works very well
Being fair and equal is the most important