The SOFT Drop - A Soft DAO community airdrop

The Soft Drop - a community airdrop by The Soft DAO

We are excited to announce the DAO has opened up account registrations for “The Soft Drop” - a SOFT token airdrop as part of our Soft DAO community initiative. As a Core Team service provider, Tokensoft will distribute SOFT tokens via airdrop to users that meet The Soft DAO’s compliance criteria, meant to reward loyal supporters and active community members. The airdrop will be divided into two separate phases.

Phase 1 will be for community members who participated in our incentivized testnet, “The Softernet” which saw over 14,000 registered users.

In Phase 2 qualifying accounts who participated in events BEFORE OCTOBER 1st on the Tokensoft platform will be dropped additional SOFT tokens. If you’ve participated in a launch on the Tokensoft platform in the past you may be eligible for this airdrop!

Qualified users from both Phases 1 & 2 will also receive an allocation/spot in the queue for the official SOFT DAO token launch at a later date.

To fully qualify for The Soft Drop users must register & verify their identity on the Tokensoft Platform by 9pm UTC November 1st, 2022.

Accounts that have registered after this date, as well as deleted or disabled accounts will not be eligible for the airdrop. Users who do not submit the required items for verification by this date will also not be eligible to receive The Soft Drop.

Unclaimed tokens that comprise the remainder of the allocated airdrop will be returned to the DAO’s Treasury/Multisig.

SOFT Tokens - What are they?

The Soft DAO token ($SOFT) will serve as a governance token that allows community members to vote, participate, and influence the future direction of Soft DAO smart contracts, products, and services.

As part of the Soft DAO’s mission to be community-led and fairness focused, the DAO is committed to creating a fair and equitable network that rewards its members for their active participation in the ecosystem.

SOFT Tokens - Utility

Uses of the SOFT token may include but are not limited to:

  1. Governance: voting rights within SoftDAO are correlated with SOFT token ownership. However, it is likely that SoftDAO will implement a version of Tokensoft’s Genesis Governance. This primitive will apply a multiplier to the governing power of original token holders who do not trade their governance stakes.
  2. Funding: in pursuit of its mission, SoftDAO may choose to fund Core Teams build and operate crypto tools. In funding such teams, SoftDAO may disburse some of its treasury — which includes the SOFT token.
  3. Incentive Alignment: building upon the three previous points, the existence of a token with all of the above powers means that incentives are aligned across the community to govern SoftDAO.

Vesting & Lockups

Soft Drop participant’s airdropped SOFT tokens will be subject to a 1 month lockup period, followed by a two year continuous vesting schedule. Tokens in the vesting contract will still provide beneficiaries with voting power during the lockup and vesting periods.

SoftDAO Treasury: use of Treasury funds is subject to SoftDAO governance and may include grants, partnerships, advisors, service providers, bounties, referrals, and funding. Tokens in the SoftDAO Treasury are not subject to vesting or lockups.

Of the allocated 2% of total SOFT token supply, 70% of that allocation will be airdropped to Softernet participants, with the remaining 30% going to Tokensoft legacy sale participants.

SOFT Token Allocation & Emissions Model

NOTE: The Above emissions model is just that - a model. Actual emissions will vary — perhaps materially — since they are subject to the Soft DAO’s governance, price of bitcoin, individual vesting schedules, and service provider discretion (depending on the allocation category).

  • Max Allocations: round allocations are maximum allocations, actual tokens sold in each round may be less than the allocated amounts.
  • Unsold or Unclaimed tokens: unsold or unclaimed tokens in any round may be made available in subsequent rounds or returned to the Treasury.
  • SoftDrop: subject to governance, these tokens will be made available to legacy Tokensoft community members and incentivized testnet participants.

Next Steps

Once The Soft Drop has been completed and tokens are distributed the DAO can begin transferring voting and governance processes over a new DAO Governor smart contract visible on Tally and Snapshot.

To participate in Soft DAO community governance processes users the DAO recommends users register an account on The SoftDAO Discourse Governance Forum at

We look forward to continuing collaboration with the broader community, our core team, and our partners in building The Soft DAO! We welcome any and all feedback though our governance forum on Discourse (link below).

A vote will be conducted via the DAO multisig on October 26, 2022 at 9pm UTC to affirm the above should no changes be ratified.

Register and verify your account here

Sign up to participate in our governance forum here


Great news friends! :sunglasses: We were especially pleased with the changes made in favor of the convinced followers of the DAO! :fire: :heart_on_fire: :handshake:

:fire: :fire: :fire: :handshake: :fire: :fire: :fire: :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire:


I’m happy to hear great news I know all of community will get smile when they see this topic thanks you so much. sil.tat#8244


I love having information like this and let the community take part in Tokensoft and SoftDAO. Great idea :heart_eyes: :heart:


Love the tokennomic. This is great for contributors that help test out and comment to improve the platform.



Great news!!!. The Tokenomic is pretty reasonable, the separation between SoftDrop, early supporters, early dev, community and so on shows how much the team care for each supporters. Moreover, the vesting period is sustainable that it will not likely to be pump and dump, which is not good for the project.
However, I think there should be more usecase for SOFT token, because all 3 usecases are only for draining up the liquidity of SOFT token, there should be something that can add up revenue and liquidity for SOFT token as well.
We are here to support the SoftDAO no matter what. Can’t wait to see how far it can go, XOXO :).


Such a great news!! Looking forward for a lunch. I enjoy take part of this event, thank for the wonderful reward for the community. LFG!!!


I’m happy to hear this great news. Looking forward for a lunch. Thank for the reward for community :blush:


I’m really happy to see tokensoft is growing up a little by little and wish we will be one of the best community.


I am very happy to hear the good news like this and I love SoftDAO and the all of Tokensoft projects.


Sound great the tokenomic is well managed. Cant wait for the drop and their usecases. Im very enjoy on this community.


that is a great news for team and the community. im very happy for be apart of the project.
Tokensoft project must be huge :blush:


i doubt anyone is going to vote no to this. big things for the community going into the bull market!!!


:white_check_mark: Overall information is great. I love it.

:white_check_mark: Tokenomic was fair for long run. It’ll be great for price in long term

:white_check_mark: Our community was great. $SOFT will go to the moon =)

p.s. I already share this info to our Thai’s Community as following links


[quote=“Exdz, post:8, topic:2549, full:true”]
I’m happy to hear this great news. Looking forward for a lunch. Thank for the reward for community :blush:

read this news feel good news steadily growing forward I feel good being in this community.


Happy to here great news. Can’t wait for the drop. And i love community on discord so much. great project.


Such a great news!! Im very happy a part of the project. Tokenomic is very reasonable. Can’t wait to see how far it can go


Big great news, Can’t wait to see the community moving with this important step. Cheers, The Softies


Thank you for the airdrop. The overall distribution was good and clear.
Let’s build this together and go to the mooooon!



Thank for the airdrop, I’m excited and can’t wait the new coming, I’m cheer up for yout team Tokensoft.