Proposal for the next $SOFT airdrop event

TokenSoft is a fair launch platform for Web3 projects and communities.
TokenSoft needs to make more people around the world aware of the fair launches that are taking place on the platform within Tokensoft!
SOFT DAO community is very active!!!SOFT DAO community has many family and friends.

How about an air drop event with invitation rewards for the SOFT DAO community next!
1 All participants are winners
2 Decentralize tokens by sharing $SOFT with all airdrop participants
3 Increased awareness of Tokensoft will lead to increased sales at the fair launch.

I would guess that the pressure to sell tokens decreases when the amount of token air drops per airdrop participant is less than 1$.


We dont know how many people participated to the takensoft launches. So it would not be good to say a max token number to give them.


A very interesting idea. The model is very similar to the drop from the recently launched Ap…s. But the project kept the price, and attracted great interest.


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