Launch Token Governance

07-Apr-2023 UPDATE:

This proposal was further updated with the following changes and such changes were implemented in the transactions initiated via the governance multi-sig:

  • Ethereum addresses for where to send SOFT tokens were updated as some contracts were redeployed to correct contract or process errors
  • An additional Launch Advisor was added to the Launch Advisor Distributor

27-Mar-2023 UPDATE:

This proposal has been updated with the following changes:

  • Ethereum addresses for where to send SOFT were added to the table under Action #4
  • Allocations for Launch Advisors were added in Action #3 of the How section and a Launch Advisor Distributor was added to the locations.
  • The amount of SOFT to be sent to the SoftDrop Follow-up distributor was updated based on final numbers provided in the SoftDrop Follow-up Allocation proposal.
  • Instead of sending 24,000 SOFT to a Multi-sig Signers Distributor, the schedule of where to send SOFT was updated to send 2,000 SOFT to each verified signer directly. Allocations for unverified signer will be held in a multi-sig until verification and may be remitted to the Treasury if the corresponding wallets are not verified by 31 December, 2023.
  • The amount of SOFT to be sent to the Launch Supporter, Early Dev Bounties & Ops Cost, and Launch Supporters Reserve Multi-sig were all slightly adjusted.


We propose the following execution details to officially retire the multi-sig for DAO governance, approve some of the pending proposals, update token allocations, and move Soft DAO to token holder governance.


The approved SoftDrop this Christmas proposal included the activation of Soft DAO’s Governor contract and Timelock contract. However, the aforementioned proposal did not include provisions or details for officially retiring the multi-sig. This proposal seeks to provide details and clarity on these matters so that proper execution can occur.


In consideration of the above, we propose that Soft DAO takes the following actions.

#1. Approve three current, important Soft DAO proposals immediately.

There are several important, pending proposals that have broad community support. Due to their potential impact on where SOFT tokens are sent, we propose approving the latest, updated versions of these proposals immediately. This will ensure that the move to token holder governance is unimpeded and much less complex. These proposals are:

#2. Update SOFT Token Distributions.

In preparation for sending SOFT tokens to their relevant contracts, we propose the following updated SOFT token distribution. Please note that — unless stated otherwise — the purpose and vesting/unlock terms of the allocations remain unchanged.

#3. Send SOFT token allocations to the multi-sig signers, nosam.eth, and four launch advisors.

In recognition of their service to the community, we propose allocating 2000 SOFT tokens to each multi-sig signer at the addresses used to sign the multi-sig and 5000 SOFT tokens to nosam.eth for his work on Soft DAO website. These allocations will be immediately available for claiming and funded by the Soft DAO Treasury.

We also propose sending 100,000 SOFT to each of the following Launch Advisors who have provided and continue to provide guidance to the DAO:

  • Derrick – 0xD43a25B442E2C343dAd472A871c5262cCA275Eb4
  • DeFi Dude – 0xf3B1B6e83Be4d55695f1D30ac3D307D9D5CA98ff
  • Colin – 0x0E7b44819Bc7E563Eb49240f342E123662dbfE73
  • Manu - 0x54179FeA60242D0348d7Bda9c0C44bB8cD3E3a8B
  • Dan - 0x39dEa7Be39866d7e0005e36E1A1eeCa0A32F796F

The Launch Advisor allocations will vest on the same, two-year continuous unlock schedule as the SoftDrop.

#4. Send SOFT tokens out of the multi-sig.

In accordance with the updated SOFT Token Distributions and the approved proposals, we propose that the Soft DAO multi-sig sends its balance of 976,784,943 SOFT to the following locations.

NOTE: smart contract addresses and outstanding amount(s) will be provided prior to voting.



We propose that voting can commence as early as 72 hours after publishing at 17:00 UTC on 27 Feb, 2023. Of course, this assumes healthy community discussion, integration of feedback, finalization of any outstanding mounts, and the provision of appropriate smart contract addresses.

Consensus Method

We propose that consensus is reached via Soft DAO governance multi-sig in its final act of governance before retiring its position in the DAO.


Thanks to the core team for the fair distribution of the tokens.
Also a good decision to give multi-sign the last vote :muscle:


Yep. 100% agree, The multi-sig is an excellent solution and very correct


The multi-sig is OK , I agree too. I think it will be fair distribution of the tokens.


Yes, agree, I think this is a good enough solution


I think its good idea, i agree with it. The multi-sig is an excellent solution


I am agree with you 100%. Multi-sig will be good.


I fully agree with the content of the proposal. I will support her! :saluting_face:


I agree these offers. I hope it will have good results for our community.


A lot of work has been done to date. I consider the distribution to be fair and proper.


I support this proposal. Fair distribution of tokens


Not enough information to make a final conclusion.

  1. Ok
  2. NEI. Is there a typo in the phrase “TBD amt will me moved to SoftDrop follow-up.”? If there should be “atm” instead of “amt”, than Ok. If not - NEI.
  3. NEI. Not sure isn’t it too much for the work so can’t make a conclusion. Also the given site elephant-lobster-8nnw . squarespace . com says “No Such Website”
  4. NEI. Why not Gnosis Safe? safe . global

P.S.: Because I can’t add links and images - you have to check everything manually.


That’s a good idea. I agree, I hope it will have good results for community.
Strong team, strong DAOs


Agree. Multi sig is good. Information on SOFT Token distributions need to be updated to ensure clarity in future.


agreedo. best decision that could be performed.


Achieving consensus with the help of multi-signature management Soft DAO is a logical and correct decision. The distribution of tokens is acceptable and seems to suit everyone.

Great move for spring.


I Agree with proposal :smirk:
Do OG’s is Ambassadors?


The multi-sign is an excellent solution! I suppose… I believe this will help the whole project.


I agree with all the points, I am pleased with such decisions. the project has a great future


Not a bad offer and in general, everyone agrees, the only clarification is that you have not specified the distribution dates anywhere