Re: SoftDAO Website & nosam.eth: SOFT Core Application

Re: SoftDAO Website


nosam.eth/NOT MASON#8123’s submission for SoftDAO’s RFP for a Website.
Access Password: SoftDAODemo

Many links on the website lead to Tokensoft media as they are the DAO’s closest partner and our communications go through their channels. I established a Twitter account with the handle @thesoftdao as it mirrors the website domain. Upon request from a Tokensoft Core Team member, custody of the handle will be turned over to them.

Overall tone/style is meant to give the feeling of technology oriented with slight lightheartedness but mainly serious.

Updated Design Guide:

  • Proposed Typeface: Space Mono
  • Proposed Colors: All remain the same except substitute #00C2F0 for #5E98E6
  • Proposed Logo: Interchangeable
    • ForumLogoSoft2


To fulfill SoftDAO’s RFP for a website that aligns with the whitepaper and DAO’s values. I believe it is also in SoftDAO’s best interest to accept this proposal as nosam.eth now has a dedicated interest with the following proposal to join SoftDAO Core Teams, ensuring continued success of the website, and opening potential for different compensation structures for the website.

HOW: Compensation/Remuneration

In exchange for effort spent on website development I request the following be considered:

  • Consideration in the $SOFT token distribution (which at this time it’s value is unquantifiable)
  • Consideration of a reward in the form of an established cryptocurrency such ETH or BTC due to $SOFT’s unquantifiable nature.

Dependent on if selected as the Core Team for Website Development:

  • A sum of stablecoins equal to the required Squarespace hosting cost
  • Option of a sum of $SOFT once value is established, or an already market-established cryptocurrency in exchange for ongoing development

In summary, if my website is accepted I request compensation for effort spent, however my following proposal could allow different compensation structure. As I understand SoftDAO is a new entity and still has yet to establish it’s treasury I believe it is in both our best interest to discuss finer details of compensation when things are clearer as the DAO’s value/holdings is unknown at the moment.

Copyright Release

Date: October 22, 2022

Dear SoftDAO,

I, nosam.eth, am the owner and copyright holder of the website(s) described as:
I hereby grant you the right of possession upon acceptance of this proposal, Re: SoftDAO Website, the above described website made by me and have my permission to use it for personal, or commercial use.


nosam.eth: SOFT Core Application

nosam.eth is applying to be a SoftDAO Core Team as the DAO requests in SOFT DAO seeks SOFT Core Teams.


nosam.eth is offering his services to the DAO for the next one (1) year, such services include:

  • Establish a Web Development Core Team
    • Upon Core Team proposal acceptance, nosam.eth will act as the sole member for website development as it is of his opinion, for the time being it only requires the work of one.
    • nosam.eth alongside the other Core Teams and community will monitor the need for the future additions of members to the Website Development Core Team.
  • Ongoing website development
    • Improve website design
    • Embed DAO information into the website (e.g. live tokenomics, project timelines, blog feature linking to both Tokensoft announcements and SoftDAO announcements)
    • Carryout any bug fixing required on the website
  • Twitter Management (optional)
    • Option on top of website development to run Twitter handle @thesoftdao as nosam.eth registered it during website development to match the domain. If declined, SoftDAO can request custody of the handle.


nosam.eth’s services are available upon DAO request as the work has already began, as referenced in nosam.eth’s proposal for the DAO website. Website development is ongoing and will have improvements throughout the year in the form of versions if accepted.


It is of my opinion that I, nosam.eth, hold the same values as SoftDAO, in that the web should be open and fair. I believe I have exemplified these values in the past through offering QA to Tally Ho, a community owned and run wallet, and having the privilege to sign the ENS Constitution.

I believe I also have the technical skills for continued success in helping keep SoftDAO’s website up to date with modern technology and styles due to my background in Computer Science.


i don`t now what to say, i just wait the victory ))))) sometime it is nessary to trust in fine idia))))


The first one is ready! :fire: It’s obvious that you tried. Let’s get started.
There is no point in talking about the information content, all this is easy to edit. Later we will select the ideal theses. So let’s focus on design.

Perhaps someone will say that I’m too picky… But, first of all, I would think about additional options for the background. Also, the website looks like it was assembled from different pieces. We often saw something like this around 2010. There is a lack of smooth transitions, the integrity of the image. After all, crypto is high-tech, right?

I am sure if you take these recommendations into account, you will have a great chance of success!


Hi @Kir_Os,

A lot of design choices had to be rushed in order to be completed for the EOW soft deadline for when they are going to be evaluated, while also working within the parameters set forth by the Core Team. Current design choices are not set in stone, and if approval is granted to run the website as a Core Team, further website design will be ongoing based off of community and multi-sig feedback.

Thank you for your feedback!


Hello My Dear Friends . I am liked,but if possible , add more orange color in text Soft,SoftDao for contrast.TQ


Thank you for your hard work and your approach to business! you are one of the best people i have ever met on earth!


Thanks for the feedback! This is something I was heavily considering, when I have some time Ill give it a shot to see what it looks like!


Hello. It seems to me that you need to add an orange color to this logo, because the main colors of the project are orange and blue. Otherwise, it looks good for a logo.