RE: The SoftDAO website, RZ edition: Soft Core Team Application

UPD 10.25.2022: made some adjustments to the site according to comments. Thanks for your opinion!

Hey there, guys!

I’d like to introduce you to my vision of The SoftDAO new website: The SoftDAO

It’s on tilda now, had to do that cause it was a race. If needed I’ll move it over to webflow in several days.


RZ#7631’s submission for SoftDAO’s RFP for a Website :


I have a strong believe in the SoftDAO success and want to be a part of it in the future. That I can do through making a great website which in turn will make DAO prosper. And I did the following for that:

All elements of design should have at least one thing in common: consistency. They should breathe and live as parts of a larger pattern. People using the site from mobile devices especially must perceive the whole concept. Keep the site clean and simple for all users.

That principle was taken as a basis for the site design. I tried to implement succession with the Tokensoft brand style guide and still preserve the identity of the SoftDAO. That’s why most of the color scheme, brand assets and fonts are in line with existing ones: Tokensoft brand book

Design guide:

On the main page we aim to give a new user immediate understanding of the SoftDAO key mission. Animated text draws attention to main DAO features. And for experienced users we have a “Make a proposal” button which leads them directly to the forum topic with a proposal template. Don’t waste time - go straight for business!

Whitepaper page
I think that SoftDAO whitepaper in its current state is highly suitable for direct study on the site without going to pdf version. For now there is a very convenient menu which let’s users switch between paragraphs of the whitepaper.


In exchange for the effort spent on website development I request the following be considered:

  • Part of reward in the $SOFT token distribution (which for now is unquantifiable);
  • Part of reward in the form of stablecoins due to $SOFT’s unquantifiable nature.

Dependent on if selected as the Core Team for website development:

  • A sum of stablecoins equal to the required hosting cost of chosen platform;
  • Option of a sum of $SOFT once value is established, or stablecoins in exchange for ongoing development and website management.

Since the SoftDAO is yet to be established I presume that this proposal could be supplemented and revaluated as things get clearer/closer to the launch.

Copyright Release

Date: October 24, 2022

Dear SoftDAO,

I, RZ, am the owner and copyright holder of the website(s) described as:

I hereby grant you the right of possession upon acceptance of this proposal, RE: The SoftDAO website, RZ edition: Soft Core Team Application, the above described website made by me and have my permission to use it for personal, or commercial use.


RZ: SOFT Core Application

RZ is applying to be a SoftDAO Core Team as the DAO requests in SOFT DAO seeks SOFT Core Teams.


RZ is offering his services to the DAO for the next one (1) year, such services include:

  • Establish a Web Development Core Team
    • Upon Core Team proposal acceptance, RZ will act as the sole member for website development as it is of his opinion, for the time being it only requires the work of one.
    • RZ alongside the other Core Teams and community will monitor the need for the future additions of members to the Website Development Core Team.
  • Ongoing website development
    • Improve website design
    • Embed DAO information into the website (e.g. live tokenomics, project timelines, blog feature linking to both Tokensoft announcements and SoftDAO announcements)
    • Carryout any bug fixing required on the website


RZ’s services are available upon DAO request as the work has already began, as referenced in RZ’s proposal for the DAO forum. Website development is ongoing and will have improvements throughout the year in the form of versions if accepted.

Big thanks to KomaRick for being such a great Mod and shoutout to nosam.eth for the inspiration on this proposal design!


Hello, I really like the concept of the site you have proposed, it is very convenient and well adapted to a mobile device, and at the moment it is no secret to anyone that the majority of users use a mobile portable device, so I like your vision of the site.I can’t agree a bit about the logo, I prefer the combination of colors in the current logo, but that’s just my opinion!)


Hi, great job, thanks! But I noticed that in some places the text overlaps with each other

UPD: the text is fine, my mistake


It’s actually current logo from the official pack: [Public] SoftDAO Brand Assets - Google Drive

It’s the same as here on the forum, just on white background. Which part didn’t you like?


Thanks! Could you specify what operating system/browser you are using? Where the text is overlapping?


Personally, for some reason I like it more on a dark background, but again, maybe if the site has the ability to switch the color of the theme to white and dark, then you will need a logo on a light background, but this is the preference of each individual!)) I like your idea as I have already written)


Great! But I would think about a slightly smoother animation (necessarily, in the current form it flies by unnoticed, elegance suffers). I would also pick up a few additional options for the main background. For an alternative to this texture.

The gray color where “we care” also looks faded. I would also focus my attention on the greater compatibility of the backgrounds. The contrast should be, but less pronounced.


:+1:t2: cool bro. I like everything. what did the boss say? I mean didn’t get in touch? I don’t know who else does. I don’t remember. someone he was looking for.


Thanks man! Really appreciate your attention!
Didn’t get in touch with the boss yet… maybe tomorrow.

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Good job friend! to be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised) I liked the site, the colors are pleasant, the interface is friendly, the navigation is convenient and I liked the animation, which does not bother. Well done :+1:


Hi, you done a great job, I want to thank you for all comminity. Espcially its adaption to mobile devices is very well. One thing i didnt like is scrolling text at the middle of the page. it makes me dizzy.


I do not quite understand what the question is! But if I understand you correctly you want to change the site design and if so, I support you in this!


I have read all of your comments guys and made some changes to the design. Please check it out and leave your opinion, that’s how DAO works, right? :grin:


Good page site, I like it, the only thing at the end of the page overlaps a little text, large print on the small.


Good job! I like the brand book🫶
I would suggest to add to the brand book also Tokensoft’s main phrases as Level up your community and A Fair-launch platform for Web3 projects + communities


Hey! Could you do a screenshot? What device, OS and browser are you using? That would help to find an issue if there is one. Thanks! :sunglasses:


I could do that, just did not think it is suited to SoftDAO. I mean those phrases has more to do with the Tokensoft itself, not the DAO. If you post gets some likes and replies I’ll add that. Thanks for commenting!


Make the ANIMATION slower. Including text. Running in different directions it causes an uncomfortable effect. Probably best to keep one line. And the background shouldn’t go from black to white right away! This takes away the integrity of the site’s image. I’ve written about this before! This contrast is too radical. Find a more harmonious gamma.


I like the layout of your website. But there is an opinion about the main logo that should use the colors that are characteristic of Tokensoft.


I don’t want to switch to completely dark theme. Yeah, it’s popular now, but neither it will last long, nor it is good for your eyes. I’ll try lowering the contrast anyways so everyone of those crypto lurkers which are many will feel more comfortable! Thanks for you time, man, appreciate it :saluting_face: