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Hello everyone :wave: Nick asked us to express our thoughts in a simplified form and so let’s start. Let’s just do it, we want to create a website, for now we can limit ourselves to adding white paper, a roadmap, and describe and link about the SoftDao token on the Tokensoft website, we will temporarily solve the problem of creating site. Secondly, we want to assemble a team of compliance providers, but this can also be simplified, we have an admin in telegrams @Mech let him train people from our community, 2 people from the ru chat in the discord, 2 people from China chat and 2 people from the English-speaking audience of Mech cope on his own and this will solve the problem of mass KYC if there is an influx of a large number of people, and 1-3 programmers are needed to protect against a sybil attack.And for token analytics, invite or contact YouTuber Joe Parys, analytics is in his blood, he has top project analysis, a large audience and friends Lark Davis, MMCrypto, Moe, Carl to the Moon, they have a large audience on YouTube and on Twitter this will blow up activity on Tokensoft, + friends of Joe Paris do not need to finance them, they will support a friend. Then the problems with activity will be solved, there will be tokens on Tokensoft similar to Sui, Aptos, Anoma, Ironfish, Orderly network, Arbitrum tokens of this kind bring 10-20x and then the problem of activity and the falling market will be solved, that is, the key character Joe Parys invite him to the main team this is the key and the solution to the main problem,perhaps he will provide you with defenders from a sybil attack,It will blow up the capitalization of the SoftDao token🤷🏻‍♂️ @Stupoorcycle,@Zeldris


Dude! :facepunch: We are very pleased with your activity! :handshake:

About compliance provider… At first, I was also puzzled by a similar question: why don’t we do it ourselves? :eyes: But if we think about it, one of the strengths of decentralization is the delegation of responsibility. And considering what area we are talking about, it would be a really wise decision to leave this part of the responsibility to someone on the side. So that they take on all hypothetical questions from regulators. It will be better for our entire community :100:

And as for your suggestion about Joe Parys… Sounds really cool! My opinion is that if he does not ask for a large amount of money, then he has every chance to significantly help our community! Cool offer bro! :fire:


well, he is a top analyst, all projects will give x 10-20 even on a bear, I would still like to see him as a chief analyst🙃


Sounds good, if you’d like to liaise an intro to your friend Joe the DAO can arrange an intro/discovery call