Proposal for teamwork

Good day fam!
I have been with our community for a long time…
And my opinion is purely positive. So - I think I fully share TOKENSOFT’s core values.

Therefore, I believe that I will be able to bring maximum benefit as an Ambassador of the DAO. I am not the owner of a huge YouTube channel that wants easy money because of the number of the audience. But i am very inspired by the ideas of this project! I can clearly see that our project cares a lot about the entire decentralized community! And I would be proud to contribute to its promotion in all possible ways! The community should get what it deserves, not what the whales have prepared for us!

I also want to help the DAO in all the ways available to me in those tasks where I am able to perfectly cope with the goals set. Similar to these: community management, translations (eng-rus\rus-eng), knowledge management, moderation, product testing.

My education in the field of psychological sciences, my experience, talents and skills in managing organizations, communities and researching atypical personalities have endowed me with a great ability to understand people and influence them. If I have enough time, I will be able to implement any patterns for any community. My personal beliefs are that the following principles of a culture of communication and interaction should prevail in the community:

  1. Benevolence
  2. Honesty
  3. Responsibility
  4. Politeness
  5. Delicacy
  6. Taking care of each other
  7. A personal good example of behavior from everyone

All these rules are highly desirable for any community, because they guarantee the colossal integrity of society and satisfy the interests of each member of the community. This is how the whole community and each of its members succeed.

Living by these principles, I have been successfully integrating them for many years in any environment where I spend the necessary amount of time. Having the status of a leader greatly simplifies everything. In any case, any community management tasks will be completed.

I am sure that I will create an exceptionally positive influence on the DAO. In addition: 33 years old, my active experience in the crypto industry is more than 2 years. I have all the basic knowledge and skills in modern digital technologies. I have a lot of free time and the desire to constantly learn. The ideals and goals of the project inspire me very much! You are implementing big, useful project for everyone! I will be rly glad to benefit our impressive community!



Nice Kirill . Hope u get this.


Thank you all for your support! :heart:
:heart_on_fire:It is very nice to see the collective approval of my desire to work for the benefit of the community! :heart_on_fire:


Well done Kirril, I also like this community and the new site.


I wish you good luck



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I chose more detailed formulations. Thanks for your understanding.