Proposals for $Soft token utility/DAO Governance

Hello TokenSoft family.
I come with some ideas for $SOFT token utility/DAO Governance.
please leave feedback with what you think about these ideas.

:point_right: Proposal Nr.1 - Staking - Proposals for SOFT DAO


:eyes: Your initiative is pleasantly surprising! Lets take a look!


Done. You asked for feedback - and here it is.

Everything described by you is appropriate, because these are elements of proven classics. Therefore, I will express myself only on a single distinctive point.

Youโ€™re suggesting: โ€œThose most interested in the development of TokenSoft (DAO Core Team), to receive an NFT for doubling the voting power (which cannot be sold)โ€

The idea is aimed at solving the main problem, but in itself it will not fundamentally change anything.

A more thorough approach is needed. Comprehensive. And it seems to me that it is necessary to separate the levels of DAO according to the weight of the voice. A class of ELDERS is needed. Who, among others, will have the opportunity to block negative offers. This moment will significantly complicate the monopoly of whales.

I also believe that adding a DAO sublevel will increase management efficiency. Tally Ho is trying to implement something similar. But all this needs to be carefully thought out!