SoftDAO telegram channel

Dear community :handshake: I ask everyone to read carefully and speak out, leaving their thoughts on the following issue.

Some time ago, the development of the concept of maintaining a telegram channel for our DAO began. I find this initiative extremely attractive and beneficial for our entire community. Let’s think together how we can do all this in the best possible way.

At the moment I can highlight the main functional tasks:

  1. Coverage of the main events in the life of DAO.
  2. Conducting preliminary discussions/surveys.
  3. Communication concerning the activities of the DAO.

With this, everything is more or less clear. But the most interesting and intriguing is just what I propose to discuss with you. I really hope that Core Team will approve it :heart_on_fire:

  1. Organization of events involving awards

A little later, I’m going to issue the following proposal - maybe a small amount will be allocated from the community treasury for this :shushing_face: I am also sure that on behalf of DAO we will be able to receive some preferences from intriguing projects in the crypto community, like WL places in perspective Nft collections. I think our community should really like it :blush: We will be able to use this both to increase the popularity of our DAO and to stimulate the necessary activity within the community. Each member of the DAO will have a chance to receive a certain reward :sunglasses: I also expect random lotteries among the entire community to have a good impact.

And so, in addition to the usual pastime, everyone will have a chance to make a good contribution to the DAO and then get something valuable! It will bring a lot of extra enthusiasm! The integrity of the community will increase, and each of the SOFT DAO members will have more motivation to take an active part in the life of the community! :heart_on_fire:

So, fam, take part in the discussion of this proposal. I’m sure there are those who have something to add to the above and it will benefit the community! :fire: :handshake:


Good thoughts, KirOs. In my proposal for the website, I found we only use the Tokensoft twitter for the DAO, so I went and registered the @ matching our URL. If your proposal covers all socials, it might be a valid point to request usage of/access to that handle.


@nosam Thanks buddy :handshake: Regarding those responsible for social networks. Most likely the situation will become clearer next week. And after that will discuss everything.


As always, I support all initiatives that are in any way aimed at the development of the project - attracting new users, motivating the community to new achievements and other things.
But as always, I want more specifics to understand what initiative I support! At the initial stage of the discussion I support this initiative!


The idea is not a bad one, but I suspect that this forum was created with the aim of combining all activities.


I support this proposal and think it is absolutely right on the way to the growth of the community. After all, it is necessary to make as accessible as possible important and interesting information.


Great idea!
I also think that it is possible to create telegram channels for other languages.
This will allow those participants who do not understand English well to be aware of the events.


Kir, this is a great offer, I support you!


I support! All available communication channels must be used. For announcements and everything else.


prefer Telegram over www forums, it might helps all the community to grow and to be informed about news+important things


This is really a great offer KIR ! You’re right my friend and we need it more than ever! The more communication channels we have the better for the community as a whole!


Why you cant use special channel in DC? We already have forum and DC. Why do you need 1 more platform? Also, you are getting DAO role in DC and you can add special channel for DAOs. I think its useless.


Thanks to everyone who takes part in the discussion! Glad you understand the need for this step :handshake:
I will answer 2 main questions that worry some of you.

You’re absolutely right, friend. The topic was created to collectively formulate and discuss everything that could be useful for this case.

Unfortunately, the forum is not able to provide as many conveniences and features as the telegram channel. The same goes for discord.


It will be convenient to communicate in telegrams. That’s usually where the most people gather.


In my opinion, it seems to me that the introduction of the DAO channel telegrams will be more successful for our forum if we use it as a news channel, namely as a notification of important news, events, various practical jokes, but not as for communication, all communication should be redirected to the DAO forum on the website. If you offer in this plan, then personally I am for and see this as a big plus and convenience for all participants, plus the site traffic will not be lost. If you create a telegram channel with the possibility of discussing a particular offer in a telegram, then the site traffic will be lost, and telegram will attract some users to itself. And we are all gathered here in order to develop this forum. I hope everyone understood my thought, thank you)


@nikenikitos9 Well said buddy! I can assure you that the comments under the key posts in the telegram will only be a preliminary discussion (which will also help a little to unload the forum from excessive discussions). All the Main ideas and Proposals will be submitted to the forum. The forum is the final place for consideration of proposals.


Excellent idea, I think. This way, community members will have an incentive and motivation to participate in the DAO.


Yes, that’s a great idea! In addition to another platform to discuss current issues, there can be various community votes and send information directly to the team. And also award announcements are a great solution, with the ability to make certain suggestions and vote for them. Definitely in favor! Props to the author.


You have to make sure you’re looking for the right audience; The audience that wants to participate in the pre-sales should be targeted.

Advertisements should be made on channels such as Twitter, telegram and youtube, where there is an audience that loves pre-sales.

You will likely get more engagement when you attract members from relevant channels whose target audience is pre-sales

Telegram weighted promotions should be increased

It should be done in activities that will make people curious on the telegram channel.

The happier you make the members, the more they become your free marketer for you.

At Events and Promotions!

You can tell your members to add someone and win the prize before they join.

This will bring you more targeted members!

Telegram : ZoBBO#0164


@ZobBO the initial version of the proposal does not involve discussing advertising costs in order to stimulate sales. This is a topic for a separate discussion.

But this part makes sense. Perhaps worth considering.

Thx for your participation :handshake: