Accelerate Token Governance


In order for Soft DAO token holder governance to function effectively, some key actions need to occur. Such actions are discussed — and in some cases, already approved — in previous discussions.

Of course, running multiple votes on-chain can be expensive. Therefore we, propose bundling all of the key actions into a single vote on-chain.


In consideration of the above, we propose that Soft DAO takes the following actions:

Retroactive $SOFT pay to Community Leaders/Ambassadors

As discussed in the proposal Retroactive Pay for Community Leaders and Ambassadors, approval of this proposal would fund two additional months of retroactive SOFT compensation to our Community Leaders and Ambassadors, who have worked hard to keep the DAO community running. These two months of pay covers time worked before their compensation was activated.

These funds will be sent to the Community Leaders and Ambassadors SOFT distributor, and will be claimable immediately.

Community Leaders and Ambassadors SOFT Distributor: 0xcc43C4B63d5602C3dD7d6FF1C382a0354e51Fb05

Send USDT to Community Leaders & Ambassadors Distributor

Recently, the Launch Token Governance proposal was approved via multi-sig, and it included both USDT and SOFT compensation for our Community Leaders & Ambassadors.

Therefore, we now propose sending 42,000 USDT to the Community Leaders & Ambassadors USDT Distributor.

This will cover a total of 14 months of work as follows:

12 months worth of work, as approved in Launch Token Governance

2 months worth, as discussed in Retroactive Pay For Community Leaders and Ambassadors

Community Leaders & Ambassadors Distributor: 0xe78f2fA272745ebcE1602337DA628bBCcfB3CBDb

Send USDT to KomaRick and Kir.OS

This is one-time compensation to KomaRick and Kir.OS for their early contributions to the community, as approved in Launch Token Governance. Just as with the item above, the multi-sig that approved Launch Token Governance could not send USDT.

Therefore, if this proposal is approved, it will fulfill the proposal that the multi-sig approved earlier and send one-time payments of 600 USDT each to KomaRick and Kir.OS.

These funds will be sent to a new one-time payment distributor, and will be claimable immediately.

One-Time Payment Distributor: 0x617a51a0203c555c749131c4c3aec9a6f942c7db

Add Voting Power from Distributors

A proposal called Initiate Voting While Vesting was recently published in Soft DAO forums. As discussed there, if this proposal is approved, voting while vesting will be activated by calling the setVoteSources function in the Governor contract.

Specifically, the proposal will call:


to provide voting power through the following distributors:

  • SoftDrop (0xf266195e1b30b8f536834303c555bd6aaf063f04)
  • Launch Supporters - Timelock (0x7CCb139707d69571aF1a53C1EDa47165c8733F30)
  • Launch Supporters - Pricelock (0x1c4Fa9Ff73EEcF0b32DaE948a6aB9f716b39a754)
  • Early Dev Bounties & Ops (0xad8F05420F7d988CE63eb9bDeCCE86518fE59E07)

Change Owner of Zealy (Crew3) $SOFT Incentives Distributor

This is necessary because currently, an on-chain vote is required to upgrade the $SOFT incentives distributor contract (for example, to add the rewards winners’ addresses each month). If approved, this proposal will change ownership of the Zealy (formerly called Crew3) $SOFT incentives distributor to the community multi-sig.

$SOFT Incentives Distributor: 0xf56cF1e1Cb4Ef68efDee10cbE89aA7B15Ac33722

Community Multi-Sig: 0x72E643c162839d6EE470Bba5821CA2460760337a

Add latest incentives to Crew3 SOFT Distributor

In addition to changing ownership of the Crew3/Zealy $SOFT incentives, this proposal will add the winners’ addresses for sprints ending 01 March, 01 April, 01 May, and 01 June.

Moving forward, the Community Leaders & Ambassadors will be responsible for updating the contract’s merkle root to distribute incentives each month.

As always, community discussion and feedback is encouraged. Please leave any thoughts and comments in the replies below.

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Initiate Voting While Vesting

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Great and constructive suggestion.
I’m sure the community will accept this and vote YES for all of the above in one package.


It’s time to accept all this, we fully support.


it is really good suggestion
Combining the related proposals will reduce the fee


I fully support, a very strong community, good help thanks to the team should be!


Good idea, I fully support it. Let’s do that!


Good idea, I fully support it. Let’s do that!


Excellent suggestion, fully support it. Community will accept this idea


Good suggestion, I fully support it!
Let’s accept that


Great, Team is going through super decision in the past months
I support the proposal


A really quite large proposal and also contains important decisions. I have read all the points of this proposal. Everything is detailed and clear, I have no questions. Thanks to the management of the project for encouraging the most active members of the community.


I think that any proposal should be put to a vote. I would vote for this proposal.


I fully support these changes. I would like to add that in the future the team will be more active


I accept this proposal, this is for our community!


@Kir_Os_ and @KomaRlck who support this proposal and especially show great dedication and effort in the project
I would like to express my endless thanks to these people, whose rights and efforts in the project are invaluable.


wow its good idea, and I waiting token listing and progres


42k seems a bit much doesnt it? more detail in how this figure was decided and how it is to be funded and distributed would be good


Good suggestion, I support it and waiting for token listing!


Отличные новости ребята долгожданное предложение очень рад как и участники SoftDao :innocent: Похоже мы близки финалу :partying_face::heart_eyes_cat:

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Accelerating token governance can be beneficial for a decentralized autonomous organization like Soft DAO. Here are a few potential thoughts on this topic:

  1. Clear and Efficient Decision-Making Processes: To accelerate token governance, it’s crucial to establish clear and efficient decision-making processes. This includes defining the roles and responsibilities of token holders, establishing voting mechanisms, and implementing transparent governance frameworks. Streamlining these processes can help expedite decision-making and ensure that the community’s voice is heard promptly.
  2. Delegated Voting and Proxy Systems: Delegated voting and proxy systems can enhance the speed of token governance. These mechanisms allow token holders to delegate their voting power to trusted representatives or use proxy voting to streamline decision-making. By delegating voting power, token holders can participate even if they are unable to actively vote on every proposal, enabling faster decision outcomes.
  3. Proposal Prioritization and Categorization: Implementing a system to prioritize and categorize proposals can help accelerate token governance. By categorizing proposals based on urgency, impact, or other relevant factors, the community can focus on addressing critical matters first. This approach ensures that important decisions are made promptly, preventing delays and improving overall governance efficiency.