Compensation for Community Leaders and Ambassadors

Compensation for Community Leaders and Ambassadors

21 Feb, 2023 UPDATE: there appears to be support for increasing the proposed compensation. There’s also been discussion about tying compensation to performance. Therefore, the USDT incentives in this proposal are now increased and SOFT tokens are now added so that further increases in compensation are tied to the success of Soft DAO.

The updates are summarized as follows.
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The purpose of this proposal is to establish a system for compensating the Community Leaders and Global Ambassadors who help to represent and promote Soft DAO to the wider community. These individuals play a vital role in building awareness and understanding of Soft DAO’s mission, values, and goals.

By offering compensation for their time and efforts, we hope to attract and retain top talent to represent and promote our community.

*NOTE: the Community Leader and Ambassador positions are community roles; not full-time work positions. Review and discussion of this proposal — especially around compensation — should keep this under consideration. If prudent, the community may also revisit the following details in the future.


This proposal covers the following groups of individuals:

  • Community Leaders: these are the individuals who are responsible for leading and organizing the various sub-communities within Soft DAO.

  • Ambassadors: these individuals are responsible for representing Soft DAO to the wider community in their localities, both online and IRL. Ambassadors may be called upon for a number or things, including translation, writing articles or blog posts, or attending Web3 events as an involved DAO member.

    To recap, the selection process for community leaders and ambassadors was based on an open application process. The selection committee, consisting of a Soft DAO Core Team, reviewed the applications and selected the most qualified candidates. Individuals were selected based on their level of DAO activity, location, general knowledge of crypto, specialized skills, and other criteria.


The amount of compensation for community leaders and ambassadors is based on the level of expected involvement and the scope of the work.

  • Community Leaders: 500 USDT per month
  • Ambassadors: 250 USDT per month

Payments will be made on a monthly basis, and will initially be disbursed in the form of USDT from a multi-sig controlled by the Community Leaders and Ambassadors.

Additionally, a one-time payment of 600 USDT and 5,000 SOFT will be made to both Kir_os and Komarick for approximately 6 months of work completed before the Community Leaders program was officially initiated.

NOTE: Any Community Leader or Ambassador found to be incentivizing fake engagements, bots, or mercenary/shallow engagement (i.e., value extractive) may be removed from their position and compensation terminated.


If approved, this proposal will be implemented with the following steps:

  • Soft DAO will lock funds into a distributor contract.
  • Tokens will continuously vest at the specified rate.
  • Community Leaders and Ambassadors can claim their tokens at any time.
  • The distributor contract will be owned by an “operations” core team that manages funds (via Safe Multisig).
  • The community leaders and ambassadors will be on the multi-sig.
  • One-time payments to Kir Os. and KomaRick will be sent directly to their verified addresses.

The compensation system outlined in this proposal will be implemented on a trial basis for a period of six months. At the end of this period, the DAO will have the opportunity to review the results and determine whether to continue, modify, or discontinue the program.


This proposal requires a vote by the members of The Soft DAO to be approved. Voting will be conducted via The Soft DAO’s page.


yes, that’s a good idea! I’ll upvote!" the guys did a good job! maybe we should reward them with higher payouts!?


It would be fair to increase the rewards, (400 dollars and 5000 tokens) - this is not at all a large amount, given that the tokens - it is not known when they will enter the market and it is not known how much they will cost. I think that the guys deserve more rewards …


I have been following the project since April-May, the activities carried out by these people fully justify the award, active participation in the development of the community and attracting people, guides at every testnet, I hope the head of tokensoft will reward them, they really deserve it! if it weren’t for komarick, I’m sure the coverage of the CIS audience would be much smaller. :heart:


My suggestion

  • Community Leaders: 2*400 USDT per month
  • Ambassadors: 2*200 USDT per month
    Nobodimo just double these numbers and there will be good motivation.

as it is not enough 400 per month and 5000 coins, the mosquito community pulls out, he helped so many people his altruism is estimated at a large amount


What a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: Motivation is always cool. It’s also worth keeping in mind that a lot of work is already being done now - and with the growth of the community, it will only become more.


I liked your suggestion as an Ambassador :sweat_smile: double could be really good


I fully support the award. The guys work directly here, they try very hard, actively help the community, deal with any problems.
Monthly payments need to be increased:

  • Community Leaders: 800 USDT per month
  • Ambassadors: 400 USDT per month

5000 Soft in the future is a large amount, I support, a one-time payment in dollars can be increased to 1000 dollars. The guys really worked hard for this for a long time.
This will be a good incentive for them to raise the community to an even higher level.


I know that Soft Dao is only at the beginning of its journey, and there is still a lot to do. A lot is built on the enthusiasm of community members. And this applies to community leaders. From the practice of other projects, such positions can be paid from $1000 per month, but it all depends on the volume and generosity of the project. I am sure that the Soft Dao project values its reputation and will consider a more motivating offer for project leaders and ambassadors. This is just my opinion. I do not claim to be objective.


In my opinion, this offer is quite generous, as these are very attractive amounts.


The guys are doing an important job and I am all for rewarding them as it should be!


Each work must be paid, it may make sense to pay the ambassadors not in USD but in project tokens, as the high-quality work of ambassadors can also affect the exchange rate of tokens, and this would provide additional motivation.


The rewards are quite reasonable. We need to compensate them for their dedication, time and effort.


I’m cool. These guys deserve it. It’s all hard work right? Tks!


I support the proposal to increase the reward.
The reward must be both in USDT (as the basis) and in SOFT (the more effort, the higher the price in the future)


I think it (200 and 400 USD) could be fixed based salary, other part in the same amount max (additional 200 and 400 USD)could added based on additional valuable efforts added.


they deserve such hard work and running the community so far, I agreed to this compensation.


As a result, people work hard and spend time to develop this project.
These people certainly deserve to be happy, both for morale and for encouragement.
therefore, I agree with this offer and the agreed amounts should be paid to the beneficiaries.


No doubt our leaders in their work deserve to be rewarded, when I or others had questions, the answer and help was instant!