Distribution. Crew3. Version 0.01

Distribution. Crew3. Version 0.01
1. Some considerations:
1.1. it is clear that there are many bots
1.2. it is clear that TOP 10, TOP 100, …, TOP 5000 differ greatly in activity and contribution, the gap is enormous
1.3. it is clear that TOP 100 or TOP 1000 should get more than TOP 5000
1.4. it is clear that there are real users even in the TOP 8000
1.5. it is clear that every real participant wants to get at least something for their activity

… Here you can still add a long time, these are thoughts for discussion and constructive dialogue.
2. Quest objective in Crew3:
2.1. Support for social activity
2.2. Spreading the word about the DAO
2.3. Attracting new members
2.4. Generation of new ideas and proposals
2.5. Replenishment of the DAO Treasury

… Similar to the previous paragraph, you can continue the list.
3. Key allocation decisions (based on the above):
3.1. Distribution should not be linear
- reward according to activity
3.2. For the Top 100 or Top 500, the maximum reward depending on the time spent and activity
- the highest activity should be marked as the highest possible, but the total pool should be enough for all participants
3.3. The distribution should hook all the participants of Crew3, we accept 8000. (even bots).
- a small giveaway for all participants will encourage further participation and attract new participants
- those who receive a small amount of coins (even bots) will sell, thus creating a market with small amounts. This will allow those who are interested in saving to purchase tokens, while the total amount will not allow whales to form.

… This is short, the topic can be developed even deeper.
4. Distribution sketch.

More on the topic:
I believe that in order to increase activity, it is necessary to resume the sprint, when users see the deadline, it is easier for them to be active.
You can also organize short sprints for 2 weeks and subsequently highlight the leaders of each sprint, as well as the leaders of the quarter, the leaders of the year.

#SoftDAO - rock web3 :metal:


Thank you for striving to contribute to our community! :blush:

There are indeed some pertinent inferences among your topic! I’m sure when the time comes to form a proposal for Crew3 awards - it will benefit our community :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s valuable to me :raised_hands:
If there is a need and if there is an opportunity, I will be glad to take part in the deep development of the distribution conditions. It is interesting for me to take part and be a co-author of such decisions.
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Good description! And fair enough. I completely agree that Distribution should not be linear. Also, the reward should depend on the time spent and activity.


The proposal for crew3 is viable and motivating for the community to target at a higher level.
There are a few criterias that can be finetuned to promote Softdao.

  1. coefficient for top 10 can be reduced as this will not motivate any more activity as it is quite difficult for new members to hit that level.
  2. reward pool can be increased to spread out the voting participation of the members.
  3. increasing the number of participants from 8000 to 10000 thus reducing the distribution per user at category 10 to be lower. Give a small amount to category 11…this will motivate the increase in new memebrs.

distributions are described very competently and in detail I hope there will be no big changes on the final list


I really liked your suggestions, especially regarding the principles of distribution (paragraphs 1.1-1.5). The figure of 300 people who need to be rewarded and which everyone offers somehow causes rejection, due to the fact that as if the rest did nothing. But they did, each by virtue of their time and desire, so of course they should also be rewarded, but in a smaller volume. In any case, I think it is your proposal that should be put as the main one for discussion, the question is only in the coefficients.


You have a good suggestion, BUT please pay attention to the gap between the TOP 10 and TOP 30 compared to the TOP 30 and TOP 100.
And I think that there will be users of the TOP 11-30 who make a big contribution to the development of the DAO will receive the same reward from #100 who put a lot of time and effort into development.
I propose to increase the reward for TOP 11-30 participants up to 2000 at the expense of coins allocated for TOP 5001-8000 participants.
This will reduce the latter by 2.5 coins. 12.17 instead of 14.5


everyone’s opinions are divided if it’s quite simple and fair you want to create it, you need to consider the reward very simply 1soft = 10 xp and everyone will get what they deserve, 1,000,000 tokens will be enough for 10,000 participants :+1:


@jAleksey – solid thoughts and proposal, thanks for putting the time into this and calculating some numbers. Here are some thoughts:

1. I think non-$SOFT rewards are better right now. It’s not yet clear how many $SOFT will be in circulation or the implications of giving away 1 million tokens.

2. To reduce bots, Soft DAO could require passing KYC for Crew3 rewards eligibility. This seems like a prudent practice to me.

3. I agree that Crew3 rewards/incentives are something that Soft DAO should consider. I think the primary questions surround how much funding should be allocated for this and how to implement.

4. I’m curious – how much funding do you – and others – think the DAO should put toward Crew3 rewards? Put in other words, how much funding should the DAO put toward incentives to complete Crew3 tasks?

5. I think there is a strong case to be made for other community quests/incentive tools. Other platforms include channels like Galxe, for example. I think the DAO must remember and consider that these will require funding as well.

Looking forward to more discussion around this!


What kind of non-$SOFT rewards you would like to see in that case ?

Except game subscriptions and so on…


Thank you @CitizenWrit for your thoughtful participation! I tend to agree with your line of thinking :handshake:

So far, the most appropriate option seems to me the following scheme:

  1. Create several NFTs on Galxe (such proposals have been coming for a long time, and I find it reasonable), and give them out according to the member’s contribution to the community, including at Crew3

  2. In future Drops for active contributors in SoftDAO growth, these NFTs will be part of the formula for calculating the amount of drop.

  3. This strategy will allow us to fairly reward the maximum number of true followers of SoftDAO’s Values , Including most of the active Crew3 participants!

  4. This approach will ensure the long-term involvement of our community in the life of the SoftDAO. Also, it will give time to complete the fundamental processes of the formation of the DAO. Then it will be much clearer how much funds the DAO can afford for rewards.

  5. To reduce bots, KYC looks like the most acceptable option. This will not only reduce the number of Bots, but also bring many Crew3 participants closer to our DAO.

It seems that this approach meets all the long-term interests of The SoftDAO.

What do you think about this, fam? :blush:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Proposal for organizing a System of Motivation for SoftDAO Contributors


I agree, it looks much better than the proposals to reward only selected top XXX. Every hard worker deserves a reward. This distribution will stimulate the action of each participant and the growth of the community through outreach. :handshake:


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Guys, stop requiring KYC. It smth outdated and create many issues like the previous time.
non-SOFT reward sounds like other million unuseful OATs. I think this step will bring only hate


@jAleksey Great work you have done.
I think bots can be a problem but I am not sure they have been able to earn a lot of points because the campaign goes a lot of time. I consider we can ignore the bots.

  1. Number of rewarded participants.
    1.1. I think 8000 is too much. If one places at 7534 (or smth similar) he probably did almost nothing.
    1.2. 1000 participants will be enough

  2. Levels
    1 level - Top-20;
    2 level - 21-50;
    3 level - 51-100;
    4 level - 101-300;
    5 level - 301-500;
    6 level - 501-1000.

I don’t know how many tokens will be distributed and therefore don’t write how many every level will receive.

  1. Participants out of 1000
    All not-rewarded participants should receive NFTs which can be taken into account in other drops from SoftDAO.

  2. Time of the campaign
    I consider the period of the campaign had to be set before starting Crew3 activity, however, it is already started and we should appreciate the contribution of current participants.
    Consequently, we should set a deadline.

It is my offer. I’ll be glad to here your thoughts.


This is only a proposal for discussion by the forum participants, it depends on all of us what we will come to as a result together with the team.
Thank you for your interest in this topic, it’s appreciated :raised_hands:


Thank you for your thoughts, if you allow me to comment point by point:
I think that the gap between the TOP 10 (possibly TOP 50, 30) and other participants should be significant to ensure strong motivation:

  • break into the lead
  • be systematic in tasks
  • regularly be active
    The bigger the gap, the more interest there is in being in the TOP of leaders. Another thing is when a new participant enters, in this case it is necessary to introduce a system of sprints, which are limited in time. This will equalize the chances of being in the lead.

The reward pool is taken as an example. At the moment there is no decision on the type of awards.
The number is taken as an example, since 8000 was mentioned earlier on the forum.

Thank you for your interest in this topic, it’s appreciated :raised_hands:


There are currently no final lists. The topic above is needed to discuss the participants and the team.
Thank you for your interest in this topic, it’s appreciated :raised_hands:


All coefficients are open for discussion. Also, the coefficients are variable depending on the number of participants. At this stage, I did not begin to derive a universal distribution formula.
Thank you for your interest in this topic, it’s appreciated :raised_hands: