Create a collection of NFTs for campaign participants thesoftdao.crew3

My suggestion is to create a limited collection of NFTs with different rarity (value) … for example, 1 - rarity - in the amount of 50 pieces for the top 50 in the leaderboard, 2 - rarity - in the amount of 100 pieces for ranked from 51st to 151st places), and the 3rd rarity in the amount of 150 pieces of NFT for those who took from 152nd to 302nd place in the table…
In this way, it will be possible to reward the most active participants of the crew3 campaign, but at the same time without getting into the treasury of tokens… These NFTs can also be introduced into staking, thereby providing passive income to their holders. Well, in the future, everyone will decide for himself to reward himself by selling this NFT or leave it for passive income.


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