Soft NFTs


This proposal seeks to introduce an NFT drop for Soft DAO, responding to the community’s interest. It emphasizes art and community gratitude, opening avenues for future utility.

Proposal Details

What: The NFT will serve as a digital testament to community members who actively stake their $SOFT tokens, marrying art with blockchain engagement. Initially offering artistic value, these NFTs are designed to evolve, introducing potential utility as “Hard mfers.” Like the $SOFT token, the new NFT project will be built on base, emphasizing our commitment to continued innovation in Web3.

Theme/Concept: “Soft mfers” will be the collection’s name, drawing inspiration from the CC0 project, mfers by Sartoshi. This derivative work aligns with Soft DAO’s ethos of openness and community-driven innovation. The transition to “Hard mfers” will symbolize the progression and growth within the DAO and its community.

Proposed Artist: A seasoned animator who has worked on some prolific Solana projects, will undertake the artistic rendition of the mfers theme. His approach will bring a fresh perspective to the iconic imagery, maintaining the essence while introducing distinctive Soft DAO elements as well as other significant traits and references to historical NFTs and Web3 culture.

Collection Size: The exact number of NFTs cannot be predetermined, as it will depend on the quantity of community members engaging in prolonged staking of $SOFT tokens. This approach ensures inclusivity and rewards dedicated community members.

Utility/Upgradability: While initially not focusing on utility, the proposal opens the door for NFTs to evolve, hinting at an upgrade mechanism reminiscent of the BAYC mutant serum. This aspect remains under development, with details to be finalized based on community feedback and strategic planning.

Partnerships: Efforts will be made to establish partnerships with members of the Mfers community, other significant NFT communities and entities that have previously collaborated successfully with Tokensoft/SoftDAO. These partnerships will aim to enhance the NFT’s visibility, credibility, and potential utility.


Mechanics: The NFTs will be distributed through an airdrop or claim process, exclusively available to members who are staking $SOFT tokens for a specified duration. The exact mechanics are to be determined, but the process will be designed to be straightforward and inclusive.

Projected Budget: A comprehensive budget is currently under development. It will cover artist fees, development costs, marketing, and any ancillary expenses associated with the NFT drop. The focus will be on cost-effectiveness, ensuring the primary resources of Soft DAO are allocated towards its core mission.

Go-To-Market Strategy: The NFT drop will be marketed as an integral part of the $SOFT token staking rewards. Emphasis will be on community engagement and gratitude, leveraging existing communication channels to highlight the NFT’s role in enriching the staking experience beyond the APY returns.


This NFT drop serves as a gesture of appreciation to the Soft DAO community, reinforcing the $SOFT token’s central role. It’s a celebration of art and participation, setting the stage for innovative community rewards and future utility.


The proposal invites community and stakeholder feedback to refine and enhance the NFT drop plan. It’s a starting point for integrating digital art into the Soft DAO ecosystem, honoring community commitment, and exploring future possibilities.


Very interesting proposal. I see a lot of overlap in the ethos of Soft DAO and the Mfers ecosystem. Values-driven communities building open systems. Much like Mfers as a concept is a blank canvas for builders, Soft DAO primitives can serve as building blocks for future generations of developers.


very well, so now this proposal is very realistic for this time ! :sunglasses:


The launch of NFT is great news! This will definitely attract attention to the project and have a positive impact on the value of the SOFT token :+1:


if there is any benefit to the community from this nft, then good. otherwise, why is it…