Integrating a Cross-Chain Bridge


I propose the creation and integration of a cross-chain bridge on the SoftDAO website to facilitate seamless and secure asset transfers between various blockchains. The process will include researching top Layer 2 solutions, designing the bridge with input from the community, and ensuring adequate liquidity provisioning by SoftDAO. By engaging community members in the bridge’s development, we can attract new talent to SoftDAO.


Integrating a cross-chain bridge supports SoftDAO’s commitment to innovation, user experience, and community engagement. By offering users a seamless way to transfer assets across blockchains, we can appeal to a broader user base and foster the growth of the SoftDAO ecosystem. Additionally, the fees generated from the bridge will contribute to the SoftDAO treasury, reinforcing the project’s mission.

HOW: Compensation/Remuneration

For this proposal, I am requesting:

  1. A budget allocated in SoftDAO tokens (the exact amount will be determined based on development costs, marketing efforts, and community engagement).
  2. A portion of the bridge fees is distributed to the developers and community members who contribute to the project.

The funds will be utilized to:

  1. Cover development expenses, including research, design, and implementation.
  2. Support marketing and promotional activities to raise awareness and draw users to the bridge.
  3. Incentivize community members to contribute to the project and maintain the bridge.

To further clarify the proposal:

  1. This proposal serves a greater purpose by improving user experience, increasing liquidity, and generating revenue for the SoftDAO treasury.
  2. The cross-chain bridge proposal is distinctive in its focus on promoting community development and collaboration while addressing the growing demand for Layer 2 solutions.
  3. This proposal is crucial to maintaining SoftDAO’s competitiveness and innovation within the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

By approving this proposal, SoftDAO will be better positioned to cater to its users’ needs and encourage community growth, ultimately strengthening its status as an innovative and collaborative platform in the blockchain ecosystem.


Good idea! I fully support this initiative, if we manage to implement it, it will be great!


An excellent offer and of course this functionality will only have a positive effect.

But I think it’s worth waiting a bit with the proposals, since the team does not have time with the proposals that were made earlier, the participants are still waiting for the voting decision from the team that were proposed earlier, but have not yet been approved


A very good suggestion and very relevant in these times of interchain asset transfers…I support it!!!