RFP: Development of Farcaster-Native Tooling

RFP: Development of Farcaster-Native Tooling


Soft Protocol is seeking proposals for the development of new token tooling that will be native to Farcaster, a decentralized social network built on Optimism. This tooling will facilitate token-based interactions within Farcaster Frames, which enable users to turn casts into interactive apps such as polls, live feeds, or galleries. The tooling should allow for token creation, distribution, and sale features that can operate natively on Farcaster. The outcome of this project will be open-source, and live in the Soft Github Repo.


Farcaster Frames is an exciting venue for web3 development. Building Soft tooling on Farcaster Frames offers an opportunity to align with a growing, crypto-native community.

This project supports the ethos of both Farcaster and Soft Protocol by promoting open, permissionless, and user-empowered social interactions. Enhancing Farcaster with token tooling capabilities will provide users with new ways to engage with both Soft Protocol and Farcaster.


Proposals submitted in response to this RFP should include:

  • A comprehensive plan detailing the approach for integrating token tooling into Farcaster Frames.
  • A timeline outlining key milestones and phases of development.
  • A detailed budget that specifies costs related to development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Examples of prior work in developing blockchain-based applications.
  • A strategy for community and developer engagement to encourage adoption and feedback.
  • Commitment to maintaining the open-source nature of the tooling, including documentation and support for future contributors.


Date/Time for Voting: Voting will begin within one week proposal submission

Consensus Method: Any valid proposal will undergo an onchain vote via Tally.xyz to ensure transparency.


Should there be any updates or amendments to this RFP, they will be promptly posted in this section with the relevant dates clearly indicated.


Going to search what Farcaster is all about. Not too familiar with its features aside from being a social interactive platform

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I missed Farcaster, but if people are interested, i don’t mind

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I’m not interested in farcaster, but I don’t mind if people do it

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