[Template] New Governance Topic


This is a template that clearly outlines how to open a new topic in the governance category. This template will automatically be present whenever someone begins a new topic. New governance topics that do not follow this template may be rejected or removed.


Please review & use one of the following templates to create a Process Proposal, Social Proposal, or Request for Proposal.

Questions to ask yourself prior to writing:

  • Why should people vote for this proposal or respond to this RFP? Does it serve a greater purpose?
  • How is this Proposal or RFP unique or different from others?
  • Does this Proposal serve as a reply to a “Request for Proposals”? (please include link if so)
  • Is this Proposal necessary? Or is it a “nice to have”?
  • Could this Proposal be joined with a previously submitted Proposal? (Proposals can be submitted jointly, please make sure you are seeking an accurate and updated Ask (tokens, etc) to reflect revised scope.

NOTE: make sure to post your proposal as its own topic; not as a reply to another topic (unless said topic specifically requests that responses are in the replies).


If your proposal does not follow one of the templates outlined as follows, then it will not remain in the Governance category and will be moved to the Other category with an appropriate tag. Soft DAO does not have time to consider proposals that lack the proper details.

Social or Process Proposal Template

Proposals should clearly & briefly cover the following information.


Summarize what you are proposing and include a link to the live proposal on Tally (if applicable).

Related Links:

  • include related links such as the live proposal on Tally or a related RFP


Explain why this proposal matters and how it furthers Soft DAO’s mission & values.


Please describe how this proposal shall be executed and provide all the necessary details.

If you are proposing a provision of services or need funding, please put such details in this section along with what the funds will cover and their intended use(s).


Date/Time for Voting: state the proposed date/time for you or someone with adequate voting power to officially put the proposal to a vote.

Consensus Method: designate one of the following consensus methods for Soft DAO to approve this proposal:

1. Tally Poll: purely off-chain proposals should use Tally’s polling functionality.
2. On-chain Vote: any proposal that requires any on-chain action must be put to an on-chain vote (e.g., moving funds, deploying contracts, adjusting parameters, etc.).


If you update a topic post later, please describe the updates and label them with a date at the beginning of the topic post.


Request for Proposal Template

RFPs should cover the following information concisely. Please make sure to put “RFP:” at the beginning of the topic title and apply the “RFP” tag to the post.


Describe the specific task the DAO needs performed in enough detail to help applicants create a solid proposal.


Explain how the task aligns with SOFT DAO’s values to keep the DAO focused on its mission.


Describe specific structure or necessary details of proposals submitted in response to this proposal.