SEP-0001: Adding format for improvements

SEP 0001 has been listed here: GitHub - SoftDAO/SEPs: The Soft Enhancement Proposal repository

A goal of the SEP process should be to keep everything in good order and maintained. It is natural to have the occasional thing fail such as the build process for the website or other typos and links. This category of items is more in the maintenance category than the process or code category and largely falls out of an item of greater value. It can make sense to open up these to the community to report and fix.

We propose a bug reporting process that is unique to the SEP process vs. the traditional bug reporting process.

S1: Severity-1, an item that is blocking the general consumption of the page such as the website being down.
S2: Severity-2, an item that is making the page unreadable such as a bad link
S3: Severity-3, a typo

This may be best as an addition to SEP-0001 so that it is in the foundational reading for the repo.


Please tell me, did I understand correctly?
SEP 0001 is the proposal submission standard?
After what stage can a proposal be transferred from the forum to GitHub in accordance with the specified standard?

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please read SEP0001 → SEP-0001: SEP Purpose and Guidelines by swissm1ss · Pull Request #1 · SoftDAO/SEPs · GitHub