Sep-0006: Base Integration

SEP Specifications

SEP: 0006
Title: Base Integration
Author: Val
Network: Base
Type: Request for Enhancement
Status: Proposed
Created: 2024-04-16 00T00:00:00.000Z
Proposal: Deploy Soft contracts to Base Network & Integrate in platform
Note: The reference contract wraps Hashflow’s trading interface

Simple Summary

The SOFT token has been bridged to Base Network. Now, it’s time to deploy and integrate Soft infrastructure on Base


Base Network is an exciting ecosystem to be entering. With great foundation support, a strong community, and deep liquidity - it’s an attractive environment for Soft Protocol development:

  • The platform UI changes will be minimal, only adding support for a new network
  • Soft contracts deployed on Base will live in Soft’s Contract Repo on Github

Blog Post: Soft Is Based. Introduction | by Brent | Apr, 2024 | The Soft DAO

PR: Add base by jackdishman · Pull Request #39 · SoftDAO/contracts · GitHub