Proposal for $SOFT Token Migration to Base


We propose to migrate the $SOFT token to the Base blockchain to leverage its enhanced features and scalability. This transition involves utilizing the Base Migrate tool developed by Njoku, which simplifies the migration process technically. Before proceeding, we’re looking to initiate a community-wide discussion to gather information, address concerns, and garner community support.

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The migration to Base is a strategic move to ensure $SOFT remains competitive and adaptable to the evolving blockchain ecosystem. This transition allows us to take advantage of Base’s robust infrastructure, potentially leading to improved transaction efficiency, reduced costs, and broader accessibility.


The migration process includes the following steps:

  1. Connection to the Base Migrate tool (Completed)

  2. Deployment of Mirrored ERC-20 Contract on Base (Completed)

  3. Submission of Metadata to the Base Bridge via a GitHub Pull Request (Completed)

  4. Approval and merging by a Base/Optimism reviewer (Pending)

  5. Update of the SoftDAO website with Base token information (Not Started)

We aim to detail these steps in the forum post, providing clarity and openness about the process. Community members are encouraged to contribute their thoughts, ask questions, and suggest improvements. Technical details and further information will be shared within the post, with a commitment to addressing any queries from the community.


  • Date/Time for Voting: To be determined based on the community’s feedback and readiness.

  • Consensus Method: An on-chain vote will be conducted following the discussion, ensuring all token holders have a say in the decision-making process.

We believe this proposal, aligned with SoftDAO’s mission of fostering innovation and inclusivity within our community, merits your support and participation. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, shaping the future of $SOFT on a robust and promising new chain.


the only upside would be the low commissions

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