Proposal to Deploy Soft DAO Contracts on Base Network


This proposal seeks to transition all Soft DAO contracts to the Base network, highlighting an initiative to leverage its efficient and scalable infrastructure for improved performance and interoperability of contracts. The proposal includes allocating funds to secure proficient developers skilled in blockchain migration and Base network integrations.


Migrating Soft DAO contracts to the Base network is aligned with the pursuit of technological advancement and innovation within the blockchain space. Base network’s attributes, such as enhanced transaction speeds, reduced operational costs, and a robust environment for dApps, promise significant improvements in user experience, security, and scalability of the Soft DAO’s ecosystem. Engaging skilled developers ensures a meticulous and seamless migration process.


The outlined process includes:

  1. Assessment and Planning: A thorough analysis of the existing contracts to outline the migration roadmap and identify potential challenges.
  2. Hiring Skilled Developers: Funds will be directed towards employing developers with a proven track record in Base network migrations and smart contract development.
  3. Development and Testing: Adaptation, development, and rigorous testing of the contracts on the Base network to guarantee functionality and security.
  4. Deployment: Careful and monitored deployment of contracts on the Base network, accompanied by optimizations based on feedback.
  5. Community Engagement and Support: Engaging with the community through every step, addressing queries, and providing updates on progress.

Details regarding the funding amount and distribution will be refined following initial project assessments and developer consultations. Transparent communication with the community will be maintained to gather feedback and gain consensus.


  • Date/Time for Voting: Will be determined post the preliminary project assessments and financial planning.
  • Consensus Method: The proposal will be subjected to an on-chain vote, empowering the Soft DAO community members to decide on this crucial initiative.

I propose the deployment of Soft DAO contracts on the Base network as a strategic move to ensure the ecosystem’s longevity, enhance operational efficiency, and foster growth and innovation. Support for this proposal represents a collective step forward in pushing the boundaries of decentralized governance and collaborative development.


Yeah we need this :grin: Get Soft, Get Based!


Makes a lot of sense. I recently bridged some ETH to base to play around and so far have had an incredible experience, its a chain that can truly support mass adoption.

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