Proposed Roadmap for Max Juice

There are three elements that will generate the most success. SOFT must be incubated in a niche community of supporters, it must also generate economic value and be accessible across any network.

This is how we can all get there.

Phase 1:

  • Create an SDK to make SOFT primitives easy to integrate
  • There is already a proposal that is being work on here.

Phase 2:

  • Turn on the fee switch in the smart contract so a portion of all sales and distributions are routed into the DAO

Phase 3:

  • Integrate Connext’s XERC-20 standard. Ideally Moonwell’s implementation of this is used, found here.

Base seems to have a lot of strong early activity, memes and a community that works closely together. It would be the right place to push SOFT in a way that would not get lost in the noise. Additionally, SOFT can be an integral part of helping Base grow much larger.

This also assumes the following:

  • All smart contracts are DAO owned
  • Smart contracts are deployed on every EVM chain
  • Transaction fees from any chain push fees into the DAO onto Ethereum