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Hello SoftDAO community!A big request, if possible, to add a function for translating messages and topics.Since English is not my native language, it was easier and clearer for completeness of understanding, thanks to this function.Something similar to the translation of a tweet on Twitter.I hope our community will support this idea!
P.S.Do not judge strictly, the first post on the forum)


Согласен с тобой брат-краб. Очень удобно когда есть перевод. Сам особо не сижу на форумах. Считайте вы лишили меня форумной девственности. Готов внести свой вклад в развитие SOFT DAO


I think it’s not so good idea, cause of even modern programs cant translate all sentences correctly, translators dont understand any slangs or local country words, they cant convey the mood so it is really hard to do something like that, but i think it would be better idea to create some lanquages communities to group people with same interests without any lanquages borders. Let’s developing the best community ever!


I think it is very time-consuming and resource-intensive to translate into other languages. Now there are a lot of high-quality programs (for example, Google translator) that can do this.

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a good idea, but there are other branches, no one forbids opening polls in other languages that you are comfortable communicating with

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Hello everyone -
I appreciate this proposal a lot. Soft DAO should be a GLOBAL community! However, the ability to properly translate all posts in the forum is, in my opinion, probably not feasible.

Therefore, my suggestion is that anyone who wants to translate the forum simply accesses the forum via Google Chrome web browser, and then right clicks to to translate the page into whatever language they desire.

This is a simple and quick way for anyone to be able to access the forum and their native tongue.

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