Community Christmas Events

I have a very interesting proposal: we can update and sell Christmas-themed products and derivatives in the SOFT SHOP, while rewarding members who consistently contribute to the community.
In terms of product design:

Design Christmas-themed product packaging. During Christmas, people are often more likely to purchase products with a Christmas theme, so you can design packaging with Christmas elements, such as red and green bags, Christmas tree patterns, etc.

In terms of product sales:

  1. Christmas gift redemption: hold a Christmas redemption event, where community members who have made significant contributions can redeem corresponding derivatives.
  2. Hold Christmas promotional events. During Christmas, people often look for discounted items. You can consider holding promotional events, such as discounts, free gifts, and discounts.

This is a great promotion. People want to feel the holiday spirit. And the platform owners have a great reason to please people and their families.


I think same. Its a great opportunity! I believe its new word in a DAO world/ I think many people take a part in this greatful DAO.

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Sounds good , as more activities we can offer to our community as more attention later we can receive from them

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