Creation of a platform for discussing projects


I suggest that the community think about creating a platform for discussing projects that are about to be released on the Tokensoft site.

It could be something in the form of a forum or a feed where authors could publish fundamental analysis on projects, comparisons with other similar projects, reviews of tokenomics, etc. The best and high-quality works will be evaluated by the community in the form of likes, comments or points. The best authors in the future, after the launch of the project, will be rewarded with $SOFT tokens or tokens of that project.

Such a platform will be able to solve several problems:

  1. will acquaint private investors with projects and will be a good assistant for decision making.

  2. will identify the best specialists among the community. Subsequently, they can be offered career growth: for example, let them search for new projects to launch on Tokensoft. Or let them write official reviews of token sale projects.

In order to avoid cheating likes by unscrupulous authors, as an option, you can introduce a point system, where forum participants will have different “weights” of their likes, depending on how many $SOFT tokens they hold.

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That’s a great idea! If there will be a resource where projects put their ideas and we team consider the idea and buy it ourselves as ordinary people at the time of sale

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