Designate Soft Base Guardians

Designate Soft Base Guardians


This proposal seeks to designate a ‘guardian wallet’ on Base to manage fee collection for Soft Protocol until multi-chain governance is implemented. These guardian wallets will steward the fees collected from the FlatPriceSale v2.1 sale contracts deployed on this chain. Once multi-chain governance is live, these guardians will no longer be needed, and the process will be fully trustless.

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Activating fee collection across multiple chains is crucial for the growth of Soft Protocol. This proposal ensures that the fees collected on Base are securely stored until they can be incorporated into the Soft treasury. This interim solution aligns with Soft Protocol’s mission to enhance maintain secure, transparent operations.


Execution Plan:

  1. Deploy FlatPriceSaleFactory v2.1 Contracts:
  • Deploy the FlatPriceSaleFactory v2.1 contracts on Ethereum Mainnet and Base.
  1. Designate Guardian Wallets:
  • Establish multi-sig wallets on the Base chain.
  • Appoint trusted community members as signatories for these wallets.
  1. Fee Collection & Management:
  • For Token Sales:
    • Collect a fee on each purchase.
    • Charge fee in the underlying asset per user.
  • For Distributions:
    • Collect a fee from the tokens added into a distributor contract.
    • Charge a flat fee in ETH/native asset from each user claiming tokens.
  • These represent the permutations of fees involved in the process.
  1. Monthly Bridging & Reporting:
  • Bridge bridgable assets to the Ethereum mainnet treasury monthly.
  • Hold non-bridgable assets in the guardian multi-sig wallets until multi-chain governance is implemented.
  • Provide monthly reports on fee collection and asset management.


  • Base Chain Guardians:
    • Multi-Sig Address - 0xedd6Ffc6FaE7350eEa2bB3562c5690c2dfACC905
    • Signer #1 - 0x911F0Fe04B9d05CC0855197B0049461Fa76680B7
    • Signer #2 - 0xbcfdc2c8adb27279f3fea499ac18160ba4770f21
    • Signer #3 - 0x3c12cDcebbcf5C17B13047DD38C71ae84DAEA7e9


Date/Time for Voting:

  • The proposal will be put to a vote in the next few days, ensuring adequate time for community review and discussion.

Consensus Method:

  • On-chain Vote: This proposal requires an on-chain vote to formally designate the guardian wallets and authorize the adoption of the FlatPriceSale v2.1 contracts on Ethereum Mainnet & Base.