Forum Discussion: SOFT Development Grant Fund

Forum Discussion: SOFT Development Grant Fund

What: Establishing a General Development Grant for SOFT Tooling and Feature Expansion

Why: As the SOFT ecosystem begins to grow it has become increasingly clear that a more structured approach to funding development work is needed. I am proposing the creation of a General Development Grant, aimed at providing a dedicated source of funding for developers working on SOFT tooling and feature development.


The General Development Grant will serve as a financial resource allocated from the SOFT Treasury. These funds will be specifically used to pay developers for their contributions to the SOFT ecosystem, specifically with regards to Soft Enhancement Proposals. By establishing a clear path to funding, SOFT can streamline the development process, reduce payment lags, and enhance our platform’s capabilities more efficiently.

Funding Structure:

Funds from the SOFT Treasury will be transferred into a multi-signature (multi-sig) wallet, managed by selected members of the community. This approach ensures transparency and collective decision-making in the disbursement of funds.

Contracting Developers:

Developers will be contracted based on their expertise and proposed contributions to SOFT. An agreed-upon scope of work, along with deliverable milestones, will be established for each developer. This structure encourages accountability and provides clear expectations for all parties involved.

Milestone Payments:

Upon reaching each agreed-upon milestone, developers will have the ability to claim their respective payments from the multi-sig wallet. This milestone-based payment system ensures that funding is directly tied to progress and tangible results.

SOFT Benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By providing a dedicated funding source, we can more quickly and effectively bring on talented developers to work on essential tooling and features.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The use of a multi-sig wallet and milestone-based payments promotes transparency in how funds are allocated and ensures developers are rewarded for their contributions.
  • Community Involvement: This proposal invites the SOFT DAO community to actively participate in the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration among members.

Next Steps:

I believe this proposal has the potential to significantly benefit our ecosystem and would like to open the floor for discussion. Your feedback, suggestions, and votes are crucial in shaping the future of SOFT development.

  • Support around the creation of a General Development Grant
  • Concerns or suggestions regarding the funding structure and process?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working together to make the SOFT ecosystem stronger and more resilient.