(RFP): Soft DAO Seeks Growth Contributor 12

we are delighted to introduce as a standout candidate for the role of Growth Contributor at the Soft Protocol. His innovative mindset makes him a good choice for moving the software and community forward in a major way.


We are proposing (https://twitter.com/0xmusicologist)
to take on the role of Growth Contributor for Soft Protocol and to lead the software development and community growth.

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RFP: Soft DAO Seeks Growth Contributor 12


The Soft Protocol community deserves a committed, full-time contributor to navigate the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.(https://twitter.com/0xmusicologist) brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication that aligns perfectly with the protocol’s values and mission. He is poised to contribute to community engagement, assist in financial initiatives, and assist in fostering essential partnerships. Given his credentials and the enthusiastic endorsement from the core team, he stands out as the best candidate to contribute to assisting in growing the Soft Protocol.


Upon community approval, Val will dive deep into her role with an immediate focus on:

Software Integrations: Focus on pushing forward the development roadmap for of Soft Protocol smart contracts as proposed by the community.

Growth Programs: Focus on pushing forward programs that help row the usage of Soft Protocol smart contracts.

Funding details will be provided upon further discussions, emphasizing how they will be allocated to ensure the utmost efficiency and value addition to Soft Protocol.


Date/Time for Voting: Proposed date (e.g., April 1th, 2024, 3:00 PM UTC) Consensus Method: Tally Poll: Given that this proposal primarily focuses on an appointment and does not involve immediate on-chain actions, we propose using Tally’s polling functionality.


Any changes or modifications to this proposal will be highlighted and dated for clarity and transparency.

Milestones and Details

After much discussion between (https://twitter.com/0xmusicologist) and the core team, this proposal update includes proposed compensation terms. Please carefully review, and feel free to weigh in with any thoughts.

Compensation Structure

(structured as a continuously vesting grant from the DAO treasury via distributor contract 0xceb8ccee488452c76911358dc7e5594ce936baa6):
120,000 USDC base
+10k USDC after completion of each section of milestone 1(a)

Tokens Allocation
(structured as 1 year cliff + continuous vesting over four years via distributor contract 0x0f9187003cd1BacCc523e5EB4c80a707EF3c6654):
2% of SOFT token supply (20,000,000 SOFT)


Foster the curation and development of SEPs that lead to an increase in transaction volume including but not limited to:

SEP02: The SoftSDK
SEP03: Fee switch
SEP04: Native xERC20 distributions
SEP05: Drop in UI SEP06: Trading via Hashflow

Team Development: Help to build a team to help grow core KPIs Scale a development team that can execute on deliverables.


I fully support this proposal

I hope we can start working as soon as possible :upside_down_face:


Good proposal, I’m in favor of bringing @0xmusicologist on as a Growth Contributor to Soft Protocol. His experience and vision fit perfectly with SoftDao’s goals. My support is total.


an excellent proposal. I think he will do a great job in the role of growth. I will vote for it :mechanical_arm:


Great proposal, top candidate. Fully support it.


go for it buddy! your dreams must come true!


I think it’s a good proposal. I’ll vote for it. Gogogo


Great news, I’m glad the development continues and to be part of the community!


Huge proposal mate :smile: Top top :hugs: Fully supported buddy :hugs:

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