Re: Soft DAO Seeks Growth Contributor - Diana

In response to the recently posted Request for Proposal (RFP): Soft DAO Seeks Growth Contributor, we are delighted to introduce Diana as a standout candidate for the role of Growth Contributor at Soft DAO.


We are proposing Diana to take on the role of Growth Contributor for Soft DAO. Diana’s impressive background in web3, gaming, and startups, coupled with her vision and network, makes her an ideal fit to assist in Soft DAO’s next growth phase.

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The Soft DAO community deserves a committed, full-time contributor to navigate the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. Diana brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication that aligns perfectly with the DAO’s values and mission. She’s poised to contribute to community engagement, assist in financial initiatives, and assist in fostering essential partnerships. Given her credentials and the enthusiastic endorsement from the core team, she stands out as the best candidate to contribute to assisting in growing Soft DAO.


Upon community approval, Diana will dive deep into her role with an immediate focus on:

  1. Treasury: Providing opinions on optimal treasury practices.
  2. Exchange Listings: Helping build relations to secure prominent exchange listings.
  3. Fundraising Initiatives: Contributing to fundraising activities.
  4. Community Engagement: Collaborating closely with community leaders and ambassadors.
  5. Growth Campaigns: Working on initiatives to boost social presence and community growth.
  6. Budget: Helping to formulate Soft DAO’s operational budget.
  7. User Engagement: Proposing strategies to increase user base and DAO revenues.

Funding details will be provided upon further discussions, emphasizing how they will be allocated to ensure the utmost efficiency and value addition to Soft DAO.


Date/Time for Voting: Proposed date (e.g., November 10th, 2023, 3:00 PM UTC)

Consensus Method: Tally Poll: Given that this proposal primarily focuses on an appointment and does not involve immediate on-chain actions, we propose using Tally’s polling functionality.


Any changes or modifications to this proposal will be highlighted and dated for clarity and transparency.

Milestones and Details

After much discussion between Diana and the core team, this proposal update includes proposed compensation terms. Please carefully review, and feel free to weigh in with any thoughts.

Compensation Structure:

  • Salary (structured as a continuously vesting grant from the DAO treasury via distributor contract 0xceb8ccee488452c76911358dc7e5594ce936baa6):
    • 120,000 USDC base
    • +10k USDC after completion of each section of milestone 1(a)
  • Tokens Allocation (structured as 1 year cliff + continuous vesting over four years via distributor contract 0x0f9187003cd1BacCc523e5EB4c80a707EF3c6654):
    • 2% of SOFT token supply (20,000,000 SOFT)


  1. Number of on-chain transactions per day
    a. 100 (+10k USDC)
    b. 500 (+10k USDC)
    c. 1,000 (+10k USDC)
    d. 2,500 (+10k USDC)

  2. Trading volume targets
    a. $1,000,000
    b. $2,500,000
    c. $5,000,000
    d. $10,000,000

  3. Listing SOFT on a top-10 exchange (as defined here) within 6 months.

  4. Achieve and maintain 2 years runway or more


  • Community Growth & Partnership Development:
    • At least 2 community engagement events per month
      • Defined as an interactive activity that brings the community together
    • Help to strategize, and organize at least 2 quality, evergreen content pieces each month targeting developers or Web3 users
  • Team Development: Help to build a team to help grow core KPIs
  • Mission and Vision Alignment: Ensure that all activities and decisions align with Soft DAO’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Budget: Responsible for assisting with creating the Soft DAO’s operational budget. In some cases, this means creating proposals that are voted upon by the community so the DAO can utilize funds when needed. More generally, contribute toward helping the community managing the treasury responsibly.

this is a great proposal :mechanical_arm: I support and welcome Diana !


I am confident that our community would be delighted to welcome such an experienced and charming lady! :blush:


Hi everyone!
Diana’s background and vision for Soft DAO are impressive. Her focus on treasury management, exchange listings, and community growth align well with our goals. Eager to see how her contributions will shape our future. Looking forward to the voting details and the next steps!


thanks @KomaRick ! :smile: Excited to get kicked off


I have read Diana’s resume, definitely with her presence we can be more successful than before


We need people like this. Diana will help in development. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone!
I have read that is a great proposal


Good time everyone
great proposal :metal:
I support


Diana’s experience is really impressive, I look forward to voting


great!!! this is huge she is great very cool person