Establishment of a division for the distribution of grants

Establishment of a division for the distribution of grants
I propose to create a subdivision (operational group), of 2-3 people, which will be engaged in the evaluation of grants in the Tokensoft system. These grants can be both for the creation of the software part of the project, and for the design part, or any other part that will bring or has already brought a contribution to the project and helps to develop the project.

Signing of transactions of approved grants (after approval by the task force and public announcement of approval) will only be possible through multi-signature.

The Grant Unit must report monthly to the DAO on approved grants and funds spent.
Based on these results, once a quarter, DAO Members can evaluate the performance of the Grants Division and, based on the results of the performance, either dismiss the employees responsible for Grants and recruit new ones or, if they consider the work of the Grants group satisfactory, extend their powers for another period.

To become a member of the Grants Unit, you will need to submit a public application for membership. The DAO will have to vote for the candidates.
The work of the Grants Unit must be paid from the treasury of the DAO.

Thus, by setting up such a Grant Group, the work with grants will be expeditious, decisions will be made without delay.

If my proposal is of interest to the community, I am ready to work it out in more detail, taking into account the opinions of the community.

With respect to the community
Discord name Spiral#9821


GRANTS are a matter of great importance. In this regard, let me remind you:

We have a Core Team. We also have NICK - from whose vigilant gaze no one and nothing is left without attention :grin: And we will also have DAO Ambassadors.

I think this is more than enough for the first time. If in the future the community deems it necessary to create an independent department, we will definitely consider this issue.

Thank you for your active participation! :handshake:


are there some examples that can be used as a template? Any other projects doing something similar?

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yes, the FEY protocol applied such a principle.
It was quite efficient and fast. The grant team was given the right to dispose of a certain amount, with subsequent verification of spending

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@Spiral - I know it’s been awhile since you posted this… But, I wanted to revive this topic because I think having a small grants committee or something similar should be something that Soft DAO can consider if/when it moves to token holder governance soon.

TO further the discussion, would you be willing to look into the ways that some other successful DAOs run committees like this and then make a new proposal in the structure of the proposal template?

You should see the new proposal template if you click to create a new topic.


I do not understand well how to select the DAO committee and how to manage it. Will this committee approve grants on its own or just review and vote for the entire Soft DAO community?


Hello. Glad for your interest.
I will work on this issue and submit it for discussion in a new thread. I need some time to gather information


Do you mean the grant committee?
The selected Grants Committee will independently decide on the allocation of funds for a particular project. within the allocated funds. thus it will be more operational work, which will speed up the development of the project.


Thank you for the clarification. If so, then your proposal is very good, it will help speed up decision making on grants.


Great idea. I think this model of participation in the development of the project will live on.