How DAOs will make it easier to achieve consensus on Web3 standards

In the early days of the internet, there was no easy way for people to agree on standards for how the internet should work. This led to much fragmentation, with different groups using different protocols and technologies that were incompatible with each other.

With the rise of Web3, there is a new opportunity to create standards that can be agreed upon by the community. However, the process of creating and maintaining standards is complex and can be difficult to coordinate.

One solution to this problem is to use DAOs to manage the process of developing and maintaining standards. DAOs can provide a way for people to come to a consensus on the standards that should be used and can also help to coordinate the development and implementation of those standards.

Using DAOs to manage standards development and implementation can help ensure that the process is transparent and that everyone has a say in the adopted standards. This can help create a more unified and cohesive community that can better coordinate around the standards that are most important to us.

My musings.
Warm regards from Grace.


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