SoftDAO PUNK : chaotic, unsystematic community activities

In continuation of my response to this request, the thought arose to propose the following…

To promote the interests of the SoftDAO to the masses, participants are required who will methodically perform certain work. This is very important, especially for regular and stable submission of information. Of course, these tough guys should be rewarded at their true worth.

But I want to offer a bit of freedom and punk and gouging and stuff like that. :crazy_face: :exploding_head: :love_you_gesture:

I propose to organize the category “punk SoftDAO”.
This category of participants will be able to create content without reference to time, to specific tasks, complete freedom of action but within the interests of the DAO. I propose to put this proposal to the vote, perhaps it will receive good support from the coolest DAO in web3 :smiley:


I like your idea! I fully support! I think that this will bring a lot of benefits to the project as a whole!


Thanks for your support :love_you_gesture:
I hope that after the hype subsides, more participants will pay attention to this. Also, of course, closing the reception of resumes
will play an important role. As far as I understand, this will happen in a few hours.


The idea is not bad, you can just make a certain role in the discord (for which there should be a certain reward, the more useful the content, the greater the reward), to those people who will create content.


Good idea, I would be in it too. There is not enough time to systematically engage in the field of web3.


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