The role of the DAO in discord

The role of the DAO in discord
At the moment, the DAO role cannot be obtained by those who do not have it. Although new people are coming in. Some of them are actively helping the community. I think they have earned the role. You can also guide how to give out these roles: for example you have a list of addresses of applicants for drop, because some of these people are not from the beginning. You could also be guided by the number of posts in the discord, but that would be less indicative of the situation, as some posts might just be flooding.
In general, the role of DAO in the discord should again be assigned to new people who deserve it!


Hello, sir. Soon this opportunity will appear :slight_smile: Stay active in our community and everything will be fine :blush:


Ok looks like a good idea but whats the measure for deserving the role. There must be minimum time spending in dao to taking this role.


This is a very good idea! Personally, I passed almost all the testnets in Tokensoft, performed maximum crew tasks, in the project from the first days, but due to the war in our country, I could not complete a simple task to get the role of DAO, and this is very disappointing, because I am an ardent supporter of the project. I think that there are still many who are constantly working, but due to certain circumstances, could not complete the tasks for obtaining the role of DAO. I support the proposal to hold the next round of role allocation. By the way, it would be very timely to do it before the New Year! Miracles should take place in our lives :wink:

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As I said before - the opportunity to get the DAO role will definitely come up soon :blush:

Merry Christmas fam! :heart:

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