Ranking system for DAO participants

Hello. I propose to introduce a rank system for DAO participants, depending on the contribution to the community, the more active the participant, the higher the role

  1. trainee

I’m inclined to support. I suppose something like this will definitely be implemented in the future.

The community needs to know its heroes! :heart_on_fire:


While I agree that rankings could help smaller/newer users bootstrap and gain traction, I believe voting power (via tokens held/locked up) will ultimately determine “weight”/reputation…

Also take into consideration that once the token is broadly distributed, Proposals/Voting will be moved to Tally/Snapshot.

We have discussed a weighted “bonus” for voting via locking up one’s tokens in Vesting, which rewards community members/holders/long term supporters of the project. Speculators, Whales, and Bots will be able to remove their tokens after the initial vesting period, but will sacrifice the weighted governance bonus.

I’d recommend (re)-reading the Genesis Governance blog post from Tokensoft a few days ago. There are soom good primitives outlined within. The DAO is waiting for Tokensoft to convert the blog post into a Soft Enhancement Proposal (SEP) which is the requirement for any Proposals/Votes that are smart contract/development-based.

We will also be rolling out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for SoftDAO ambassadors, community leads, and moderators…another way to establish yourself - or someone delegated by the community - as a trusted member of the DAO. And of course there will be voter turnout/participation (see screenshot above) on Tally…

Hope this helps!

Genesis Governance: Medium