More roles for the community

My suggestion: introduce more roles for the community. Thus motivating to further contribute to the development of the project.
For example:
-early followers;
-useful contributions;
-community feedback on the usefulness of the member.


good idea, it’s true we need a role that gives our identity to be clear in the community and a little color to make it easier


good idea. thanks to this, the community of this project can be more involved in the development, which is extremely important in building the project


Agreed! Let’s build it together. I’m pretty excited about this project and will dive in with pleasure into experiencing and testing primary phases


More roles to reward the members who create critical advices to the community. :smiley:
it won’t be a big deal to make the community “noisy”

I do not support this idea
First, similar roles have existed for a long time, those who have been following for a long time know this.
Second, don’t understand their use, just role for role?)

The team clearly explained about the roles, if you are only interested in the drop, then it was necessary to participate in tesnet (rounds gave a role, which has now changed to OG). If you want to become part of the project, be interested in it and show “useful” activity. For this you will give the role of “DAO”

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Are you suggesting that each member of the community be judged by other members of the community? Why does the Tokensoft community need this?

But in general, about more roles, especially for the early participants of the discord, those who got the role of the OG early

God Idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: early adopters and contributors should have more benefits :boom: they can also improve the product and can help other members with questions

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