Integration with Galxe / Layer3

Projects that have received a good response in their community are Galxe and Layer3. On Crew3 the tasks are generally boring. The next testnet could be combined with the task on Layer3 platform. On Galxe for completing quests, you can reward NFTs, which will later be given some kind of utility. Noox world also gives an excellent opportunity to claim NFTs. in any case, there will be an increase in the active audience.


Or launch quests on your platform. You already have a large community that wants to participate in the development of the project. Performing tasks related to transactional activity in various popular blockchains. The system of rewards and achievements for completed tasks will motivate community members. In the current market conditions, it is necessary to adapt the business model.

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That would be nice and interesting I believe. Most of testnets are focused on crew3, which is ok, but Soft doesn’t have to do everything like the others.


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