Marketing, to attract new users

My suggestion is to organize a BOUNTY program on a well-known forum this is a very old forum with user ranks…

Attendance of this forum: 1.2 million people per month, all the people registered there are familiar with cryptocurrency…And most people know what a company is for a fee.
It is required to allocate a pool of SOFT tokens, determine which advertising companies will participate in the BOUNTY - example:

Bounty Allocation

Twitter campaign - 25%
Telegram campaign - 20%
Reddit campaign - 15%
Medium campaign - 10%
Youtube campaign - 15%
Blog & Article campaign - 15%

Bounty is always launched from two pages: the first page is an announcement, visualization and schematic information about the project with a link to the BOUNTY company,
and the second page is directly a page with BOUNTY conditions and user reports, 1 company lasts on average 2-3 months of continuous work and advertising
Further about the company- company administrators are required, on average it is 4 people, their responsibilities include: organizing the event, compiling tables,
distributing awards, interacting with participants for 2 months, screening out bots and much more
Here is an example of holding a BOUNTY company with one project 🕵🏻‍♂️ [BOUNTY DETECTIVE] 🔵BiB Exchange - 60M BIB (~29,400 USDT) REWARD POOL🔵

This type of marketing favorably influenced the promotion of projects that were launched and began their development from the forum, examples: V-ID, WPP Energy, XYO and so on …
The advantages of the company’s activities: attracting new users, increasing virality on the network, new videos about the project, new articles, tweets, likes, reposts, advertising on forum.