More time to sort out JS/DOT wallets not selected for SoftDrop

I believe there still remain lots of confusions regarding the $SOFT drop in the crypto community, including on the Tokensoft discord channel. I propose the Tokensoft team to have more time to clear up the following confusions:

  1. Allow JS/DOT wallet users to participate in the $SOFT drop

“If you’ve participated in a non-ETH-based sale (Bit Country, $DOT, etc) but don’t see a pop-up notification/confirmation you will need to list the email address and/or Full Name you used to participate in that particular launch.”

The SoftDrop — A Soft DAO community airdrop | by Editor | The Soft DAO

As per the above guideline, JS/DOT wallet users who had participated in non-ETH based sale rounds completed KYC and provided the same personal credentials (emails and names) used for their previous sale accounts, but on discord I only see tons of JS/DOT wallet users still not getting the $SOFT drop confirmation. Tons of questions are being asked by JS/DOT wallet users, but Tokensoft team is not directly addressing this issue, only repeating the above points (e.g. “If you do not have a banner but actually qualify then you just need to make sure you’ve followed all the steps.”).

Seeing that there are a number of complaints from JS/DOT wallet users, I propose Tokensoft team to have more time to sort out JS/DOT wallet user cases and address this issue before proceeding with $SOFT drop.

  1. Clear up confusions on the KYC deadline

The deadline to complete KYC for $SOFT drop seems to have been extended until Nov 7 according to Discord chats and the below blog post, but there are still mentions of the deadline of Oct 31 on Discord and on the testnet site.

“To fully qualify for The Soft Drop users must register & verify their account on the Tokensoft Platform by 9pm UTC November 7th, 2022.”

The SoftDrop — A Soft DAO community airdrop | by Editor | The Soft DAO

A number of users are asking the same question of when is the exact deadline for KYC and if they (a number of them being JS/DOT wallet users) are asking if they missed the deadline. Again, I propose that Tokensoft team to clear up on the timeline as soon as possible.


I believe the KYC deadline has been extended to Nov 7: see this screenshot.

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