Potential of the next testnets

What do you think will now happen with new airdrops for testnets after airdrop from Aptos? I think that many people feel very bad with the feeeling that they not get any tokens and it will be huge hype for testnets now. In my opinion it will caused that next airdrops will be not so big as these till now.


Not a problem bro, when bitcoin falls, no one will need crypto at all, then the generous distribution of coins will begin, all the projects will be interested in the community.


testnet as a trend for future aidrops will continue for a long time. There will also be playability as getting the aidrop. Personally, I do testnet all the time and I don’t care if I get the aidrop or not. Patience and consistency are the keys to success


It is unlikely to affect other projects. The amount of airdrops depends on how the project relates to the community and how great its financial capacity is. But in no way does it depend on whether someone has given a lot or


I think it depends on the greed of the project team! If a really worthwhile project and the team wants to be talked about on every corner, then I think to be generous


Sounds decently reasonable :slight_smile: Most of the projects received too much of a free attention from their community.


Personally, I want a testnet that can be clearly divided into groups, such as the beauty of the website, the features of the website, the flow of work.


And that’s the point. Don’t be greedy with airdrop, just do what you do ant be patient, which is the key. Who knows, maybe after 5yrs you will be granted for your job.


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